Esse quam videri! Winter Update Foxfire Golf Club! Thank you Trump for our raise!

“To be, rather than to seem” I remember the Rev. Robert Lee Nicks telling the lady at Hardee’s in Beaufort, NC that when I was about six or eight years old. He won a free ice cream, and I got to share it with him. That’s right we shared it- he didn’t give it to me. He said, “You have to learn it to earn it.” A moment I’ll always remember. That is the state motto of North Carolina! It’s not easy but I have tried to “Be” even though I may appear to be “seeming” sometimes! 😂Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here. 12 years ago this month he died shortly after I left from visiting my grandparents in Jacksonville, Florida. My grandmother still resides there at 96 years young.

We have been busy cutting trees down, working on equipment, taking classes, planning next years agronomic program, moving snow, and finalizing water reports for the ODNR. And Nancy and I even found a little time to visit Leslie and Andrew in the Portland Zone over Christmas and New Years! We got to see the coast and the mountains.

Super bowl Sunday February 4, 2018 we got about .4″ of rain/snow and the forecast has 3-6″ of snow in it the next few days. We will find out after I happens the weather man doesn’t know.

Portland is a beautiful city and we had a blessed trip with Leslie and Andrew and stayed in a wonderful Air B & B. That’s the new swanky trend now. To stay in someone else’s house. It’s partially rented with separate access. Hood River to Newport Beach and Mt. Hood in the background. We didn’t go snow skiing this time but maybe next time. New Port Beach Leslie, Nancy, and Laurelhurst Park below was how we walked to their house. <<<<<<
hristmas Eve at Kara's which is a tradition out there <<<<<<
ven snowed and iced in the Portland City which is a rare event given the Mediterranean Climate. They even have Palm trees in Portland.

Jim has been working diligently getting the equipment ready for Spring and has even cut down 69 dead Ash trees. You all will notice Players Club will have more room on 14,15,16.

Timber! We will continue removing the logs and debris when the ground is frozen. Unfortunately, it is not staying frozen. But we will get them removed one at a time!

Many repairs have been accomplished already such as: water pump on the EBay 4500 D, brakes on triplexes, Jacobsen 311, re-molded/ leveled the deck on the 311- Fixed the missing rotted frame on the 1993 Toro multi Pro sprayer with 7000 hours. Just a few of many items and we hope to start sharpening reels in the next two weeks. <<<<<<
ave already had a foot of snow or more this season and Tony came to help plow it a couple of weeks ago. We had drifts on the course up to 2 feet deep! And I utilized the snow blower at the house to clear the backyard chipping green with the Governors Club flag flying! Deer at Mom & Dads above! We have to help them remove snow too so they can get down their 1/4 mike driveway off the estate!Yes, I tried the skid steer loader before I called Tony but it was too Deep! It was so cold while we were gone I only saw one set of snowmobile tracks tracks on the course when Ingot back <<<<<<
finitely interesting to see all the trails from the deer, coyote, foxes, and rabbits. I got to see my Amish friend before Christmas up north off campus and his horses.

That’s Fred & Frank “Real Horse Power” Alan doesn’t like photos, an Amish tradition but we hook up occasionally to say hello and get some work done!

And I am Refurbishing Doc’s ballwasher that he donated to us. Thank you Doc! <<<<<<
usy time and Jim and I have plenty of work to do and thank you to all the volunteers for helping when you can. Billy Bob I'll have a small indoor project for you next week sir making entry and exit posts if interested. We still need to put the tire back on the skid steer loader. See y'all soon thank you for your help! I did get to take Dad to the men's prayer breakfast at church a couple of weeks ago. He's not driving by himself anymore but he does know where he is still and I thank God for that everyday! Gotta take care of pops! Nancy has been picking him up from Tuesday bible study and Virginia did go with him to see his mom last week in Jacksonville! He's not in the photo but we had a good crowd the 3rd Saturday of January. Rusty had an excellent lesson! Please continue to pray for Dad and also pray for our President! No matter who you voted for it's our obligation to pray for our leaders. <<<<<<

Happy New Year! Winter Work! El Niño 

Psalms 118:24This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. 

El Niño has been a topic in the news this past Fall, 2016 Winter &……. El Niño is translated from Spanish as Christ Child or in everyday Spanish little boy! The term was first used in the 1600’s by sailors in the Pacific referring to a temperature inversion of warmer water in a normally cooler Pacific Ocean that is carried by the jet stream from West to East. Most of this phenomenon can be explained in the Bible so unfortunately for many “Global Warmer Believers” this is a normal occurance that has been happening since the beginning of time. I do not have to explain what it is doing we can all see the results. The jet stream may also be referred to as the Pineapple Expressway! Many collegues way down South are battling horrific rain events and the golf industry is taking a big hit financially. What does this mean for Central Ohio right now? Not much snow! Yeah! However, I have been asking many native Superintendents what does this mean for Spring and Summer, and the response is similar. I would expect a warmer drier Spring and Summer! We may enjoy it now with the occasional days to play golf up here and sunshine in the Winter, but have different challenges in the Spring and Summer! I would expect to see increased insect and disease pressure earlier than in the previous two years! 

Jim and I have been working on the reels, rollers, bearings, and seals for the mowers. In early January we received a shipment from Toro with reels, shafts, seals, and bearings,bed knives  and a few other items.  

 With in 14 days Jim had this box empty! 

Well, almost. I helped disassemble the rollers, salvage, and rebuild the ones for the fairway units.  


There are ten rear rollers on each fairway mower and each roller has two ends. Each end has 7 parts that need disassembled and reassembled with new bearings, seals, snap rings, and a shaft. Jim did all the grinding and reassembling of the cutting units. This is a very time consuming process that requires precise dexterity, accuracy, and geometry! The reel and bed knife must be sharpened to the correct angle which we determine and is a recipe for each Supernintendent! 


These are completed and we are working on the greens reels now! After this is complete we will need to figure out which engine can run these reels! We have had some rain this winter and below is 16 Players fairway that must have a drainage issue!  Bubbles always mean trouble in the golf industry! 

We have also been able to do some tree work which will provide more sunlight to areas and create a healthier turf canopy.  Luis below helped me haul some wood for a few days. And I hauled him after a long day! 



 Bundled up driving the skid steer loader. We have had a few days of extra brisk weather! Thank you Steve Hines for your help, and Mark Novotny for the utilization of your dump trailer! We have had some wonderful sunrises!  

  The “greens committee” below meets daily in the Winter when it’s too cold to golf at the agronomy center to go over ideas and suggestions!  They are shipped off to South Florida now for golf! Thank you Matt, Cutter, and Dave for the accommodating tee times. 

  I am in the process of upgrading my web site so that updates may be more frequent. I am running out of meta data storage and need to upgrade the storage on it.  The snow has melted and the sun has been shinning. I expect to see many of you all Saturday! Please remember that the ground will be thawing and carts will be on the Cart Path Only on Players Club and day to to day decisions on Foxfire! Thank you!  


First Week of Winter! Golfers and Tree Work!

The first week of Winter in central Ohio brought sunshine and golfers! We began removing some dead trees today! And the geese relocated for a little while!



Golfing on Christmas Eve, and the day after Christmas!







Leaf removal from the staging area to the woods across one Foxfire! Jim helped remove a dead Elm between 14 & 15 Players!













Frost Delay but Sunny & Warming!

The sun finally came out again in central Ohio for another cool fall day. The low this morning was 24 and the high is forecasted to be near 40, and warming back up for the weekend!





Tom & I were able to clear the dead trees off the cart path on 10 Foxfire yesterday!