Happy New Year! Dardens Gardens Vegas Residency Begins!

Isaiah 43:19

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.

Happy New Year! Nancy & I started our Residency in Henderson just before Christmas. It took a minute to get here but it’s a beautiful drive. I would have updated the web page sooner but I was immediately welcomed by government agency’s requiring remediations be completed at the Wildhorse Golf Club. Dealing with government agencies is time consuming, and they love paper work. Welcome to the neighborhood right!!

The golf course is in a state of quiescent or dormancy on the cynadon dactylon or C4 turf. We have been cleaning the shop area, and reduction pruning the golf course for playability and aesthetics. Frost delays here have been intermittent.

Water quality here is horrible but not worse than Kiawah. They do need a So^2 generator to increase hydrogen and decrease the bicarbonates by lowering the ph of the irrigation water.

Watering the frost off the green on #2

The picture on the front of the post is of #4 tee to green and we could not see the green from the tee box now we can. We will continue clearing debris. Here is the creek on 17 that we couldn’t see. Some areas may not have been pruned for eight to ten years.

#9 before and above during. We will add some red mulch around the palms and get the water feature back to a water feature and not a jungle!

The pump houses need some major work and new filters inside. The filters are broken ergo debris passes through like tiny fish or Protozoa and clogs the sprinkler heads at the foot valve. When that happens it’s like trying to get water out of a fuel tank on a vehicle one start at a time in 25 degree weather. It’s not good and rain fall here is sparse. I’d suggest fixing the pump stations repairing the pumps.

The steel baskets fit inside the pipe to filter but are bent and can not rotate inside the pipe. Over time by not spinning in a centrifugal motion and rubbing the paddles they are not at specification any more. Something with specificity can not be welded with chicken wire. It is “special” item for the pump station.

Christmas Lunch with the boys in the shop. Here’s the boys.

Rain, humidity, and dew points here are typically low to none so when it does rain there is always a chance of a flood due to the Mountains around the valley. We are on a hillside in Henderson but still get some water run off from nearby neighborhoods. The junk has to go and did. Literally, the health department also stopped by my first week here and sent a nice government letter telling me to remove it and provide the debris removal ticket. And so we did. We would have cleaned it up regardless but it became a priority. Great Job grinding reels Jim. They’ll be ready in 2019 no doubt! We’ll see who figures this out!!!! Ya never know where I’ll be right! Here there everywhere. Jim Ramey is one of the top equipment managers in the country. And he’s not here he’s there!!

I tried to add up all the cities I’ve been in the last 3 months and I lost count after 25 but 13 states at least between here and There. Stopped in Denver for lunch one Sunday and dinner in Vail. Pretty neat!Christmas in Galena off the grid at the Estate. Nice shirt Dad! Don’t fly Sprint ever

9 Wildhorse before we started reshaping Landscape. Roses need trimmed. Snow in Ohio before I left the second time to fly to Denver. Snow in Denver.

I almost forgot about Detroit- No need to go there either like flying spirt or sprint. Don’t do it. Just kidding actually Detroit had their tree up first I think. There’s the progress photo on 9 pre progress. This will look amazing when finished. But it’s going to take a minute to finish it with three guys. See you all soon. We are making greens great! The tees and greens were overseeded with poa trivialis and ryegrass prior to my arrival. The base turf is Bermuda that’s why it’s brown. We get frost here.

please excuse any brevity or typos as always if you have any questions please ask. Thank you for your support. See you on the course.


Spring is Finally Here 6 Staff for 36 Holes.

Song of Solomon 2:11:12

See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land.

We have more than normal Taraxacum on the property and I am 95% complete with the spraying, but I ran out of product to expedite the epinastical curation of this species.

I will spray greens next. Thank you Paul Camble for allowing me to pick up products for the greens to help me get started. I’m not sure how I would get what I needed with out your assistance. We have a little Spring disease on the greens and they are hungry. Tom did fertilize them in March but the Size Guide Number on the prill was too big for the Foxfire greens. That is why there are green dots on them and I switched him to the 100 SGN prill for Players Club. Even though we had the correct SGN for Players Club greens the fertilizer was not taken up by the plant, ergo we need liquid fertilizer for the C3 bundle sheath cells to aide in a rapid uptake and carbohydrate partitioning.

Back to, The herbicide for the dandelions is also working on many other perennial weeds. We have had a long winter and it is good to see some low humidity and sunshine. Jim as gotten more equipment ready this season than I have had the last four. Staff is slowly coming back. All the reels are sharp and the equipment is running the best it can given the age and the hours.

Brad has helped get the course ready since March and we would not be where we are with out his early arrival. We just had snow 12 days ago and the crabapple trees are a month behind blooming from 2017. It is going to take several days of sunlight and correct temperature for the Turfgrass to kick in.

I had some volunteers show up a few weeks ago one Friday to help. Paul C is on the Local board with me and brought his crew over one Friday afternoon to help start getting the bunkers ready. Supercool. Thank you sir. He has about 14 staff members for 18 holes.

The solenoid and actuator arm for the 300 gallon SDI sprayer came in and Jim will put those on as soon as I’m finished with the dandelions. We will need about 1/2 of a day to complete this process because the entire circuit has to come off the back to fix it. The center boom does not come off so I have to hurry up and get going once I start spraying. Wearable parts eventually wear.

Luis & Noah made it back to help and were able to get 9 Foxfire bunker cleaned out today. I will have after photos later but it looks great! Paula & Skippy have been raking bunkers as well. I got the roof fixed on the Players Club pump house last Friday. Mrs. Graves asked me to put a new tarp on it before it rained so Jim helped hold the ladder.

Hey y’all it’s wet on the course don’t be this guy!

Brad and I did charge up the Foxfire pump station about a month early so I could fill up the Sprayer in about 17 minutes opposed to 1 hour and 45 minutes with the well at the Shop. We do have a quick coupler seal leaking on 7 Foxfire to repair.

Watering the Frost off the greens Monday morning before the outing so we could mow greens and get the outing out on time. A trick I learned last century from Bill Kennedy. Great speaking with you today sir! Thanks Billy Bob for helping fix the tee sign, 150 yard marker and the drain on 10 Foxfire. You are the best handy man volunteer I got!

I have been picking the range for Vinny in my spare time and hopefully my certified range picker will be back next week. Here’s the tee Sign Billy Bob fixed.

Our 2-4-D arrival for the dandelions. Every vendor has a different way to deliver and when you have to go off the grid you get off the grid delivery service. No forks I had unload by hand so I got the Workman and backed under his tailgate and we pushed it in the Workman.

Jim got the Smithco ready today and we will utilize it tomorrow to get the Players club traps ready for the WGA event Thursday. Thank you to everyone for your help and welcome back Nancy W. Out of retirement to mow rough until my school bus driver neighbor Kevin shows up. Kevin your on deck bud! See you soon somewhere on the course!

My wife’s front yard. Only 12 Taraxacum in the lawn. Thank you Dillard for the Andersons! Just need a little mulch and some annuals from Haunty.

From a highly respected peer and mentor in the Industry. Thank you for the leg work Mark. I’m dealing with a main line leak and 3.2 people to help but I also wanted to go in to detail behind the science and energy units that cause the crystals to form and the sharp edges of ice can cut through the cuticle on the plant as well. Great work sir. I’ll send an update on Foxfire later this week. 


Frost Delay Bunker Work Tournament Preparation and Foxfire Irrigation System is Charged! 

Frost Delay this morning and most likely tomorrow! Thank you everybody for your help this week! We have had another inch of rain and two straight days of 20 to 30 mph winds. Flowers are starting to bloom!  




 Range got mowed out to the wet area! The Polywog/Shellback found it. Chuck 27 year Navy Veteran knows that’s a complement! If you have never heard of a Shellback ask them.  


#1 Players Club ready for the practice round. 


#2 Players



Foxfire Pump Station 


1 Corinthians 15:10
But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace toward me was not in vain. On the contrary, I worked harder than any of them, though it was not I, but the grace of God that is with me.

Frost Delay but Sunny & Warming!

The sun finally came out again in central Ohio for another cool fall day. The low this morning was 24 and the high is forecasted to be near 40, and warming back up for the weekend!





Tom & I were able to clear the dead trees off the cart path on 10 Foxfire yesterday!