Y’all I had to re post this! If you are golfing in Ohio right now bring me a Ben Franklin Bill because you are saving 10 x’s that amount by not flying to Florida and so on and so on! Be blessed stop complaining about the weather or the in ability to drive golf carts through terrain in which they are not capable of going- either go to Florida and pay to play big boy money or stop complaining to top agricultural scientists about nothing we have control over except Prayer to our Lord & Savior! Sign up and believe and Heaven will be perfect for golf! I had to share this post from one of the Top Agronomist in the country or grass growers or greenskeepers or yard boys. Which ever y’all refer to us as! Many thanks see you on the course.

Merry Christmas to All and a Happy New Year 🎄


10And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. 11For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. 

Merry Christmas from Nancy and I to all our friends and family across the US and many other countries! We have had a very productive year and God continues to bless us and the golf course! Thank you for all your prayers and support. We finally got in to our home in Westerville and our furniture from Sarasota moved here a week or so ago! Many thanks to Wilson & Donna in Sarasota for their hospitality! Thank you to our Sunday school group for the Tree and cards and all the other study groups for your prayers! The tree is up in the corner by all the lamps I didn’t remember we had! I’m sure I’ll come across a bunch of new old stuff.

The golf course was open Friday and should be Monday depending on the rain. The fall fertility looks excellent heading in to Winter. I expect the next 90 days of weather to be normal to milder and set us up for a great Spring Tee Off! We will begin the preventative maintenance on the cart fleet next week and continue to sharpen reels. The tractors are in the barn! We need to get a wheel bearing kit for one of the Toro Cutting units. I think this mower has 4500 or 6000 hours. 

The starting times right now will be no sooner than 10:00 AM if at all just check with Vince in the shop. The frost yesterday lingered due to cloud cover. The  days will begin to have light longer here by Monday until June. The last snow is gone but we were able to capture some good photos. Remember the snow does have minute traces of Nitrogen and will also replenish the lakes and streams when it melts so there is some benefits for the Turfgrass. The nitrogen is just trivial! Every season has a reason! 

The snow is also a great indicator of where the deer, Coyotes, and kids go. Just a reminder for y’all with your children that it’s not a good idea to be riding snow mobiles on my golf course because I will catch you and it will cost you, and I would also suggest not sledding down the Tee Bank hills on 5,6,7 Players towards the lake. That’s just not a good idea for their safety and I do not want to catch them doing that because I can’t swim on frozen ice bergs, and it ain’t good for the grass! And my truck door on the will not open with it is 7 degrees outside. Notice the tracks around 7 Players and 6 Players green. At no time soon will the water be warm enough for people. Out back at house near the school house. I’ll update more indoor photos later but here are a few. Right now it looks kinda of like when yalls Sherman guy came uninvited through Atlanta and Savannah inside but making progress. 

The choir had their Concert December 9 & 10th and did an excellent job. They sang last night and will sing four services today and one tomorrow morning at 10:00AM. 

Thanks Uncle Dan & Auntie Milli for the ride to the SRQ I flew down Tuesday after they sang and came back Thursday. Love the srq airport but sometimes you have to wait for them to open the front door and even though they have gate 2 I think it’s the only gate! The only wait is for them to open the door. What would Christmas be with out getting the Christmas Measels in Sarasota! Donna always has her home just about 10 notches above the Hilton! Hopefully next year we can comeback for the Christmas party at Gasparilla! Thanks for the tour Wilson great seeing some of the boys! And if anyone was wondering about the new Amazon grab and go! I was the first to report you can get a cow in Ruskin. I think you just drive your truck here and load up how ever many cows you want and they will bill your account! Had to get a photo of this. That morning it was reported no check out lines from Amazon and here is a warehouse. That’s on the poor side of the Tampa bay. 😎

Here is a photo of the outside of the house. Thanks Art and Lynn for your help! 

See you all next year on the course! Merry Christmas. 🎄⛳🇺🇸


Harrell’s Fall Fertility, Aerification, and Slit seeding Completed! Staff of 4 for 36! 

2 Corinthians 9:15 Now thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift!

The long range forecast is for a warmer fall as we roll in to November the highs next week will be in the upper 70’s. The low temperatures range from the mid 30’s to mid 40’s and we are not scheduled to go below freezing but 6 times before December 5 2016. Great golfing weather continues in Central Ohio! 

The grass seed is germinating and we were able to fertilize the entire golf course fairways, tees, and green surrounds Wednesday night and finished Thursday morning with Aj from Harrell’s and Brad riding along in the truck. This is the most efficient way to apply bulk applications and as we continue to improve we can incorporate fall pre-emergents on a polyon prill that will last all year long in one application saving future funds upwards to 30k annually based on accumulated depreciation and opportunity cost factored in with labor. Thank you Mr. Jim Dillard for organizing the application and Owner Mr. Jack Harrell Jr. for your steadfast commitment to providing cutting edge technology to enhance our Best Management Practices with the utilization of GPS mapping along with the science behind your products. 

Great Prill Pattern!

This is a great example of our industries awareness of proper applications and the GPS permits safe buffer zones from water ways. The course map shows the rates in variable colors as I made adjustments along the route to stretch out every fertilizer prill possible. We got an early start this morning.  The gator caught a ride up from Lakeland, FL. Just kidding I found this photo when looking for verticutting photos. This is how I used to verticutt and someday next Spring we will add the proper equipment to provide the best greens in town by achieving results like this. These piles are from one verticutting on 39 greens in Sarasota and then they are buried in sand and the ball roll is not affected by big holes in the turf and the bentgrass will enjoy the same attention. 

TifEagle & Tifdwarf Spring Verticutting

Smooth and Puttable after aerifying

Chuck was able to finish Slit seeding the range tee and foxfire course last week and the seed is already germinating. 

​The dry areas in the video are now recovered. This is due to improper irriagation spacing. Below we were able to locate an intersection of pipe previously repaired a decade ago or so and will charge the system up today. I have never seen this many irrriaggion lines intersecting but not connected in my entire career. This took much imagination to figure out this assembly. Very fascinating. The leak is fixed and we will charge the Players Club system tomorrow to water in the fertilizer so carts can drive on the fairways. 

The Beauty of Maples in Fall!

We have many quotes coming in soon for equipment and speciality pieces to take is to the next level. The Buker work is continuing and we will be mowing a bunch of grass the next 2 months and the fertilizer kicks in and grass seed germinates and fills in.  

Ms Paula and the girls got a round in after a long season of working!

Thank you Billy And Mike for upgrading some of the bridges! Great job! 

Clean and organized before staff leaves for winter break!

Beautiful Sunrise! Thank God for each and every day!  We will continue to work on the bunkers as weather and time permits and look forward to a better and more productive fall season and next Spring.  Thank you all for your prayers and support. I will see you on the course or stop by the agronomy center and check out the progress! See you on the course ! Upcoming scheduled events will be November 7 & 8 to blow out the irrigation lines and prepare for winter so the pipes do not freeze! Remember to submit any agronomic questions with photos to and I will respond with an answer or tell you how to find the answer but great questions from friends and followers alll over the country. One question I used to get in the South quite a bit was “there’s An alligator or rattlesnake what are you going to do or what should we do?” I’ll always follow up from a distance but would advise people stay away and don’t near them nor provoke them. Those are easy answers. Any turf questions y’all have email a photo and I’ll get back with in 24 hours. Swing easy when it’s breezy! 

From a highly respected peer and mentor in the Industry. Thank you for the leg work Mark. I’m dealing with a main line leak and 3.2 people to help but I also wanted to go in to detail behind the science and energy units that cause the crystals to form and the sharp edges of ice can cut through the cuticle on the plant as well. Great work sir. I’ll send an update on Foxfire later this week.

Jack Frost Tournament Today! Bunker Work Continues-Slit Seeding Foxfire Tees and Fairways. 

Genesis 9:13 I set my rainbow in the cloud, and it will be a sign of a covenant between me and the earth.

Good morning! The Cover photo was taken October 5, 2016 when Nancy and I were walking in to Wednesday night Bible Study. We have not had any rain since then which has been a blessing! The courses are drying up nicely pushing roots down deep in to the soil.  

Welcome to the Annual Jack Frost Jack Daniels Tournament today at Foxfire Golf Club. The forecast for today is sunny with a low of 47 degrees and 58 degrees at the 10:00 AM shotgun start. The high temperature will be 70 degrees. The wind will be out of the South South East at the start of the tournament at 8 knots, but will switch to the South South West at 11 knots by 1:00 Pm EST. The green speeds will be 10 and were double cut Friday and Early Saturday! Thank you Jim Dillard and Harrell’s for sponsoring door prizes. JD stopped by Friday to check the trueness and speeds! The agronomy team has done an excellent job preparing for today’s two man event.  Brad was able to finish the fairways yesterday after Jim repaired the fairway mower and put five freshly grounded and sharpened reels on the unit as well as both greens mowers. Raymond set the cups last night and Tom assisted with tee placement. The course should play very well!  Chuck spent most of the day blowing leaves, while Luis, Sergio, Jose, Rodolfo, and Javier spread and packed the new bunker sand on 14 Players. Fred and Nancy helped finish mowing the rough!  I’d also like to thank Billy Bob for switching out the sump pump on five Players last Monday which helped finish draining the water off that hole. 

​Sam Shaw delivering sand that was spread out yesterday and we will continue to run the plate tamp in the bunkers to firm up the base to the proper penetrometer measurement.  Thank you guys for keeping a clean shop. Beautiful Sunrise yesterday morning and a light Frost in the Roughs on Foxfire but no delay in play. Below Brad spraying greens with our multi pro 1200 that has 5450 hours and we had to use the jump box to get the first tank out because the regulator and rectifier do not recharge the battery even after we replaced those parts. We spend 2-3 hours a day fixing the greens sprayer before we can apply nutrients and plant protectants. We switched to the 300 gallon pull behind sprayer after that tank so we could finish all the greens in the same day. A 4 hour job took about 11 hours. Never the less, we were  blessed  to get the application completed. We have stretched out the time frame between greens applications because the products we are utilizing are excellent newer fungistats and the synergism in correlation with the primo and fertilizer from Harrell’s has really helped save money by stretching applications further apart.  We also buffer the water by dropping the Ph and this maximizes the ergonomic output of the products as well by not having them break down nor taken up by the plant due to high alkalinity. The Blue Jumper Box has been a huge life saver the last 2 years! There’s our hybrid modification of the sprayer. The Leaves are starting to change colors and the forecast outlook for next week is awesome! The grass seed arrived. 

Thank you Mark from Westchester Golf Club for the use of your slit seeder.  Me burying Mr. Ray Graves family cat for his daughter. It’s always sad to lose a family pet. Jimmy is back in action sharpening and assembling reels as fast as the grinder will go to get us through the fall. We need sharp reels for the new grass seed which has already started germinating on Foxfire. Brad and Darden fixing irrigation boxes on Foxfire course. Thank you Mr. Tom for aerifying the tees on Foxfire next week we will finish the Players Club collars and seed those as well.  The Foxfire fairways are already looking much better and we will fertilize both courses October 25. With only having center row brass quick couplers for irrigation and the hottest August on record I am pleased that the turf loss was minimal on the Foxfire fairways and most of the desiccation was variable strains of Poa Annua.  #10 Greenside Bunker on Players Club was also finished this week as well!  Pre check on the greens sprayer always requires additional motor oil! 3/4 Players above! Chuck will be busy blowing leaves this fall. I will be very excited when we get a pull behind utility turbine blower. That will save on time, labor, fuel and depreciation. Thank you Mrs. Graves for getting the mums for the front entrance and the pumpkins for the tee boxes. Luis and the guys will be over to help you later this Morning after the tournament goes out. Mr. Graves thank you very much for buying us an aerifier. I was so excited to see that it  had the venting style blades on it – that’s perfect. Travis and I hooked up the slicer I found  in the woods last winter and were able to test it out on the greens last Saturday and it will be awesome as well! Jim has been busy catching up sharpening Cup cutters, bed knives, and reels. The grass seed on 2 foxfire trap is germinating and last Saturday I was able to capture some really cool photos of the spiders webbing! Click on the link below to view my updates on. You Tube Jack Frost Preparation 

You Tube Link from September 30 rain documentation. #5 Players Drainage Video

Bunker Work, Nutrient Appication in Fairways, Heat Continues. 

James 1:2Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, 1:3 for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.

We have had back to back to back double shot guns the last three weekends in a row on Friday & Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons! Play has increased and the course conditions are withstanding the heat and traffic fairly well. The poa annua turf decline on #2 and #17 Foxfire has been seeded and Nutrients were applied yesterday. Travis helped me utilize my Dad’s pull behind spreader yesterday to fertilize 6 fairways with the fertilizer we had left in the barn. We rigged up an old grill grate for a cover. Not a bad rental price for the spreader either. We got it for $50 a week.  I just have to pay my Pops and of course if I break it we buy it. We got .40″ of rain yesterday morning from 4:00 AM to 6:30 and were cart path only. Please remember to stay on the path on your way out to start as well. 

Cart Path Only Please Means Carts on the Path! Its the same if you ask me to take my muddy shoes off amd I walk across your white carpet anyway smiling and waving🙈😀🤗

We were able to finish the Bunker remodeling on #2 and #5 Foxfire this week. Please watch the video below for instructions on the playability. Tomorrow  we will continue to add sand and complete #10 green side bunker on Players Club.

Thank you to the Agronomy Team for your steadfast efforts these past few weeks! Thank you Tom for aerifying the tees on the Foxfire course this last week as well. We had 280 people Friday and the parking lot overflowed in to the golf course. TJ and Pordy helped squeegee the greens yesterday morning after the shower. They are part time now and are available to work on the weekends and occasionally in the afternoons during the week. 

Full Moon

We are still getting by with older equipment! Here is our Foxfire greens mower and the backhoe. The skid steer loader blew another hydraulic line ,,      #9 Players Club StripesI found some old equipment while getting topsoil from the neighbors. There was a plow, drain culverts, part of a fertilizer spreader, and cast iron pipes. The John Deere sand pro broke down again this week. Remember when this happens it takes more time to Rake them by hand.  Sandy Selfie by RK & NancySkid Steer loader leaking oil. Backhoe died This week too! 

​And the rest of the Sunflowers are blooming.  New Vibratory Plate Tamp

Salty September for Ohio! Staff 12 for 36 holes! One fairway mower one tee mower for 36 holes. 

Philippians 4:13 

I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

Many people ask me several times a week when I call to ask their advice “How do you do it?” And I can only refer to the above verse as an example because I have no sound qualitative or quantitative response for the ergonomic out put or explanation of how something may end up better when lacking knowledge or resources.  I have over a twelve year study on coring and have not released it on my web page due to traditional contrary beliefs in agricultural practices. I believe in creating a healthy underground biological ecosystem that is somewhat self sufficient and utilizing the nutrients already present in the soil to feed the plant. This is called mining.  That being, said many cultural practices that need to be performed need funding and resources to accomplish. We are very blessed to have the current conditions we have. I am not satisfied with some of the current conditions of the fairways on the Foxfire Course but have complete confidence that the predominating grass will return once the weather breaks. I have spoken to several experts in the Central Ohio area and everyone from private, public, semi-private courses are in awe of the weather pattern we have encountered this summer. I have quotes from veterans that state they have not seen the weather this hot since 94′ to never'” and local guys stating that this is normal for the poa annua to melt out. The Players Club is in outstanding shape with regards to turf uniformity & coverage. Here is one of our problematic fairways. #8 Players Club. We utilize best management practices agronomically and this fairway faces the South and receives sun light and wind daily from the South South West. The Turfgrass requires all 3 radiant levels of sun, red, blue, and white sunlight for so many hours a day, and number 8 definitely gets sun all day!  It’s a par 5 and the drainage is fair to poor given the water table levels. This is definitely an indicator fairway to check when issues arrive. The Fall is supposed to be above normal through December according to five different sources.  We may go bellow freezing twice up to December 6, 2016. So look forward to a long Fall golfing season in Central Ohio with below average rain.  Uniform hydrology is one major component to the success of a uniform Turfgrass stand regardless of bundle sheath cell count being 3 or 4. Below is an example of a problematic fairway with 40 year old center row irrigation that requires a person to install the sprinklers at night and rotate them. I increased the water in a 24 hour period this week to verify any issues were not due to an immediate lack of water but the availability of water and excess heat combined with lower humidity rates. We watch the weather all day every day and many times the TV forecasters are incorrect. Like today- “Hot and Humid” excess heat! Was the forecast. Well, it was humid and chilly this morning. However, as I expected around 9:00 AM EST the winds picked up out of the South South West and blew the humidity from 80% at 6:00 AM to below 60% after 10:00 AM for the rest of the day. That is huge. That’s like OSU leading The Bowling Team last weekend 77-10 there’s no comparison. And maybe just maybe that is why OSU can not grow real grass at their football stadium!  Even though NC State has real grass it is not the same grass that would be grown up here!  It’s a most difficult daunting task regardless of the location.  Never the less #2 Foxfire fairway below yesterday afternoon. This is our most difficult fairway and we added grass seed today to several spots. The bunker project is moving along well given the ability to create work based on a mathematical equation and definition. #1 Players. We are waiting on our vibratory gas powered plate tamp to create the correct resistance or penatrometer reading for bunker sand! Then we will fill in the areas we want to eliminate and sod them. The sand came first otherwise I would have chosen to fill in the areas to eliminate first,sod and then add sand. 

#6 Players above after! 

Sunflower Foxfire Golf Club, Inc

Rose Petals fell in place for my sweet Nancy!

Halfway house on Players with a slight landscape upgrade with flag poles holding the Sunflower plants I planted. 

Thanks Brooks for fixing the walkway path on #3 Players today! Thanks Brad for helping diagnose the irrigation malfunction on #1 and #16 Players! During this weather all weakest links are exposed and we are finding heads that do not have guts to other heads in Roughs that are paired up with other stations that previous Superintendents eliminated or thought would not be needed. I can not explain how or why other people think the way they do. We can only assess, diagnose, reason, rationalize, and solve issues.  Labor Day last Monday! Thank you to all who have served Chuck & Colonel!  Jim the Ole Salty Scientist is back from back surgery trying to grind and get me 3 greens mower reels ready! He’s fighting the good fight. Please keep praying for him.  Happy Hollidays from my sisters house Sunday and brother in law! Nice new deck! Saturday Sunrise last weekend for the tournament!  Someone Show Vern & Charlie their Photo! Bumps on Basket-Do you think it will start if we keep starring at it? 95 Degrees end of August~ Could not resist!

Nancy and Velma – Don’t forget Ladies Day is Tuesday! 
Above Jim showing Luis and Rodolfo how to grind reels and we were able to share a sunflower with the Judges wife Mrs. Journell!  As many of y’all know he died in August at 80! He is in heaven. 
Randy Riffel above stopped by to help me locate some irrigation valves he installed a few decades ago! What a great help! Thanks Randy! Well we had a little rain 2 weeks ago and the sand truck got stuck behind #7 Players and I had to bring out the big toy to pull him closer to the bunker then pull him back the other way! Thanks Sam for the sand! ​In case y’all missed my you tube video a couple of weeks ago here is a sample of the bunker remodeling project. Thank you for watching and we greatly appreciative your support and prayers!

Judges last round! August ending!  Great Golfing Weather! Bridge & Bunker Projects! Staff of 12 for 36 holes now! 

Judge in his red shirt #3 Players

July 28 Judge Tom Journell came by the course and was feeling great and played few holes with his friend Cliff Nelson from the racing commission. Unfortunately, as many of y’all know he died August 8, 2016. He was a very brilliant and humble gentleman who loved his wife, children, and grandchildren very much.Tom would have certainly agreed with Paul on this verse below. 

Philippians 3:20. But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ,

The days are getting a little shorter and Fall is right around the corner. We have had a very busy July and August. Thus the reason for a delayed updated post. I try to extend information on Twitter and Insragram daily in which our new webmaster will disseminate it through Facebook. We added a new flow meter to the players club pump station a couple of weeks ago. Thanks Mid-Ohio for getting that done! 
 Chuck and I went over to Eaton,Ohio later that morning for Judge’s  funeral and stopped for lunch. 

We have also been busier than normal but Chuck and I did make it to his funeral, along with my Dad who met us there! 

Beautiful sunrise this morning for the tournament on Foxfire and the irrigation leak we had last night on 12 fairway was repaired by 8:30 this morning with a new quick coupler and the system was recharged. Thank you Luis, Chuck, & Rodolfo. Rodolfo and Luis have been doing an excellent job helping repair the equipment while Jim is quickly recovering from his surgery. He will return soon. ​Rodolfo added an egg to the radiator on the Massey range tractor to stop the radiator leak! There are no more radiators for this 1987 model in the country. ​


We got six eggs and the range tractor is still holding up 4 weeks later answer added and egg to the John Deere tee mower radiator and it is now back in operation. 

Eggs to fox Radiator Leaks

Last Friday 8/26/2016 Brad inspected the greens we selectively sprayed plant protectants with Sympony from Harrells, which is a moisture retention product to assist in the infiltration of the Flutolanil on the basidimycetes or commonly know as Fairy Ring. I explained the science behind this 2-3 posts ago ergo I’ll list the numbers and a photo of 6 Players to remind everyone what it looks like. We applied protectants to #6/10/17 Foxfire and #6,8,9,10, Nursery Green. 

Dark Green Circle On Right Sideof Greens is the Fairy Ring

Now the I Beam on the bridge to one Players will be repaired this Fall thank you Brooks for assembling temporary bridge-we will attempt to complete this tie in for utilization with in the next two weeks so stay tuned for updates. If you can pick me up a transit that would be wonderful to have for complete ting this project correctly as well as some of the bunker projects. Here is a glimpse of the under side of one of the I-Beams- it’s still usable for regular traffic just not heavy equipment like loaders etc. 

Rusted cracked I-Beam 1 Players bridge

Next, and most importantly everyone has been asking when are we going to “fix the bunkers?” We are currently restorating and remodeling #2 Foxfire, #1 Players,#6 & # 7 greenside. What does this mean? Exactly what the verbiage states some areas of the bunkers that were originally intended to be spectacle areas and are useless for playability will be blended out with dirt and sodded. You will see red or blue paint designating the remodeling. These bunkers need to stay “ground under repair”  until we have all the resources to blend in these areas with dirt and sod the same day!  Logistically, with 12 staff members we will be blessed to complete theses holes by the end of next week. Several steps must be taken to assure that the sand  is dispersed properly and has the correct resistance penatromimally. That may be a new word, but there is a proper resistance and depth the sand must have to create proper consistemcy and playability. Also, we are repairing any drainage as necessary.  I will ensure the correct penatrometer measurements based on my experience, but there is a device we may purchase for several hundred dollars that gives a reading that correlates to a scale the USGA came up with. Basically, we don’t want a fried egg lay in the bunker or plug on the face. That’s all that fancy jargon is talking about. I am adding a link to my you tube account so you may watch how I am checking the traps throuout the process. Darden Testing Playability

#18 Players is restorated but needs to packed several more times with a vibratory plate tamp. You will see irrigation flags in theses bunkers please do not move them nor remove them. They are marking the depth for the sand. 

Six Players Green Side example of remodeling a section and measuring area for sod. Six and seven Players above one day apart and the dump truck got stuck and we utilized the backhoe to pull him in to dump the sand.  I will blend in the areas with paint to eliminate future opportunity cost, yet keep the integrity of the design for playability and slope ratings. Ergo, remember for the next two weeks take a free drop from these few holes. OnTo, Foxfire #5 green side bunker will be coverted to a grass knoll bunker the spectacle bunker on 10 Foxfire behind the green will be upgraded to a newer style landscape bed since the severity of the topographical gradient is beyond restoring or renovating.  We will remodel with some low maintenance colorful grass plants designed with 3 big rocks as foundational functionality to triangulate the cord grass, fountain grass or viburnum.  ​Below plate tamping # Players Green side. ​Darden Plate Tamp #1 Players Next video is # 2 Foxfire dispersing sand and explaining the “process”#2 Foxfire Sand Dispersal

Finally, this summer many neighboring and high end courses have been ravaged with horrible diseases so we have been proactively vigilant utilizing best managment practices and staying on a schedule stretching applications as far apart as possible and much of this has been done by utilizing nutrients already present in the soil through a process called “mining” in which we drop the physical hydraulic conductivity of the water when applying plant protectants for fairways and greens using an acid buffer, iron, primo a synergistic growth regulator that enhances the efficacy of the iron, acid, and fungistats to last longer. We also add a phosphite from Harrells every 2weeks on our greens schedule to help prevent Pythium Blight. Our next greens nutrient application is this Tuesday and our next Tee and Fairway application for the Foxfire course will applied tomorrow on Monday. Thank you all for your prayers and support and stay tuned for updates! Thank you to my team members for your hard work and dedication. I’ll leave with a few more photos from the last few weeks. Have a blessed Sunday! 

Saturday Sunrise8-27-2016

​Daltons last day will be memorable for him. I believe he woke up when he hit the water. Got the call- ‘Hey Darden””Yes ” I said. “My right wheel went in the lake!” Ok, I said go get it. He said “I can’t I tried and it’s too heavy.” Can’t be if it’s just the tire. He said, “well I can’t lift it.” I said, huh so is the tire still hooked up to the  mower? Yes sir!’

mowers fine Daltons finenist has to college now & take a rowing class

Darden & Jose cold August Morning 58 was the low!

Sunrise Moon Set

swampy. shows up after the rain rivmmmromice aatse

Brad Soraying Okayers

Jim Hollen pre surgery

Swampy volunteer member trimming cart path edges

Linda Hollen Jim’s wife helping in shop

Happy Anniversary 20th on July 20! Golf Courses holding up! 

July 20, 2016 

7305 days ago the Reverend Robert Lee Nicks married Nancy and me. He read theses passages. I can still hear his voice when I read these words! 

1 Corinthians 13:1

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. 1 Corinthians 13:2 And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 13:3 If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing. 13:4 Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant 13:5 or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; 13:6 it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. 13:7 Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 13:8 Love never ends. As for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away. 13:9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part,13:10 but when the perfect comes, the partial will pass away. 13:11 When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.  13:12 For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known. 13:13 So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love. 

 I Made the video 2 days ago and it took me 2 more to figure out how to embed it on my web page. 

I started the sunflowers in March. The 2 songs in the background of my short film are 40 from U2 which was written a long time ago in reference to Psalms 40. The other song is new from Aaron Shust called Ever Be. So we will enjoy today then Nancy heads to Charlotte to be with her sister Leslie. Pray for Leslie and Andrew as well ~their second year Anniversairy was July 19 and Leslie’s father passed away and they are apart right now! 

The golf course has held up well with weather changes and warmer temperatures. Monday morning was spent organizing the shop and offices. 

Saturday we prepared for a tournament and welcomed Travis Russell back to work on the weekends. What a tremendous help he will be. ​

Above, the white cottony object is the mycelium sitting on top of the Secure fungistat plant protectant to prevent scelerarinia homeocarpa. Below Travis and I were checking the irrigation stations watering hot spots. 

See you on the course please continue to pray for Judge Tom Journell and his dear sweet wife Carol! Judge looks better and we hope to play golf in a few weeks! I saw him yesterday at his house in the afternoon. God is still in the miracle business and they need a miracle. 



Lightning Strikes twice on #5 Players 40 days apart!  Hollidays are over! 

Job 36:30Behold, he scatters his lightning about him and covers the roots of the sea.Job 36:31For by these he judges peoples; he gives food in abundance.Job 36:32He covers his hands with the lightning and commands it to strike the mark.Job 36:33Its crashing declares his presence; the cattle also declare that he rises.

Tuesday while we were grooming the sand bunkers we found an irrigation line on 11 foxfire green side trap with the John Deere sand pro. I think this trap will be eliminated at some point due to the logistical routing of the orgininal upgraded greens loop or original greens loop.  I do not know because there are not any asbuilts.   We had to repair it quickly to water in the fungistat for the basidimycetes or fairy ring. Flutalonil is the most appropriate control that has been around for decades. I’m not much on some newer products for certain pathogens and there are over 16,000 basidimycetes pathogens. I believe we reviewed this in my last post ergo, I will not explain its functionality again. But this is what fairy ring looks like full blown in high cut turf. That bunker will be ground under repair until I get the cylinder fixed on the skid steer loader. Firthermore, the term fungicides are misnomered etamologically due to the fact the Latin term “cide” which translates to kill does not ever in any situation pertain to plant protectant applications. The EPA obviously missed this verbiage due to the lack of comprehension when they were categorizing chemistry.  There is no scientific evidence qualitatively or quantitatively by any university to suggest otherwise.  I do not utilize any state or federal verbiage when it refers to applications because of that exact term. “Cide” has an immediate subliminal or conscious negative conotation. However, fungicides never really kill a fungus, they only supress it.  Enough on education. We utilize Best Management Practices in our agronomy program and if anyone has any questions about what the dilution being applied is you may inquire with me. 

Lightning on Wednesday after the greens sprayer pulley broke on the rig so we had to finish spraying greens with the tractor and pull behind 300 gallon SDI. 

Thanks for the photo Vince. He is the head golf pro now.  And Jeff Funk newly elected greens committee member who plays every morning and helps Mike check fairways after it rains for cart path only rulings sent in this photo below this morning. There does not appear to be any electrical or control issues regarding irrigation damage on 5 Players but we still have one head intermittently failing on 11 green Players. It worked fine after Joel left and quit working sometime during this week which means there is another break in the wire. The first break was from a secondary drainage added many years ago and was never repaired properly after the drain on 11 cart path was installed. It basically runs from the path 50 feet to the last of the path near the fescue and stops. Another 50 feet and they would have had complete fall in to the pond. I can not rationale what I find. I can only inspect what I expect.  

I have never in my career seen lightning strike on the same hole twice yet alone with in 40 days apart with in 180 days!  I think I’m going circle an eagle on it and move on when I play! Here is the green again from Saturday May 27, 2016

Next, the greens sprayer pulley on new pump shaft bored out! Engine and frame have over 5,500 hours. Secure below on Players catching up on fungistat suppression for scelerarinia homeocarpa or “dollar spot” we got 22 days of suppression before #15 Players showed signs two days ago of an out break! Brad has been doing an excellent job diagnosing irrigation on Friday nights late and spraying greens and fairways. We should finish Players tomorrow and when we can send funds to entities we will have more product for Foxfire fairways. We patched our last application together on Foxfire with product we had and would did not specificaly order it to utilize on Bluegrass but we would have no grass had we not, ergo we did 3 separate trial studies. However, it is best to utilize a generic suppressant on that golf course. 


Next, we have modified one of our new used carts to carry weed eaters and I purchased these racks a few years ago to fabricate our own but did not get the appropriate utility cart to utilize until the CEO of John Deere, whom I know, and graduated from Purdue University, got a new equipment package and returned these to Reynolds Farm and Turf equipment, in which Justin Ross made me aware of and we picked them up on a great deal even though the seats were worn already from inadequate training on the Purdue staff, but what can we expect from Purdue, but a great deal! So Jim added the weed eater racks to increase the life span of the weed eater. 

We are down to one fairway unit again and Jim brought his personal rapid face grinder to sharpen the bed knives on the only tee mower we have. But Jose had some issues this week with sensors and completeting the 60 acres of fairways with one mower. However, even with that said the stripes are right!  Players #3 and below that is the bluegrass ryegrass course #15. Foxfire rarely photoed. 

Rain on 12 Foxfire fairway above! Jose overheated on Tuesday mowing Players! Photo from above is Nancy mowing rough. She asked me to pray at Bible study and we did and the lightning only hit 1000 ft away from where she was sheltered -by the way crow flies. Another golf course, another area code, another town but only about 1000 ft away. My biggest concern is for my team members and their safety. When you have seen people die in this industry your concern for others is greatly enhanced! ​With one tee mower, one fairway mower one sprayer and no operating sand pro for 36 golfing holes over 285 acres of property to maintain we finished out the week like this with 22 team members and 40% less labor hours on average nationally.  Yes, much more work needs to be accomplished but the ergonomic output given the work load and the force to create the output was much greater than I would have speculated based on statistical data.  Great job everyone! 

Jose is on his third different fairway mower this week.  It is time to grind the reels again on the fairway unit and this is the mower we used last year with only 5 of the 7 reels operating. Brad adjusted these today and we found it cut the best after switching out a unit on the other Toro 5200. There are many mitigating factors to the correct after cut appearance for example when Mr. Graves or someone notices a mower scalping it may not be because the blades are not “sharp.”  The blades are sharp or the grass would not scalp it would be white if torn- it scalps because the mower is not on a correct plane of altitude and attitude.  This is  due to the fact that there are many intricate moving parts that they have to find in a museum for us 84% of the time  we need a new part because the parts are not in regular production. It would be like trying to find a starter for a model T Ford. They are out there I am sure but finding it is more expensive.  For example including but not limited too: bushings, bearings, seals, hydraulic pumps, reel motors, lift arm assemblies, shems, rocker arms, cylinders, tapets, venturis, wires, cables, circuit boards, wheel motors, solenoids, reel motors, rollers, roller brackets, grease zerts, bed bars, bed knives, nuts, and screws specially made for each year mode and  brand, and on and on etc. and if anyone of these parts are worn out in which they all are – then we can deduce the fact that when any given weak link fails this will create an uneven after cut appearance. Specifically, with regards to the rough mowing, and fairway mowing. If you notice an area scalped, it is due to wearing parts and mechanisms that can be corrected by replacing them one by one at 20 times the price of a new piece of equipment or we can continue to utilize what we have and the ability to create a pristine after cut appearance would become a greater risk with less rewards. We will see you all on the course. Happy Saturday! Remember Judge in your prayers. I hope to see him back out mowing greens again!