Salty September for Ohio! Staff 12 for 36 holes! One fairway mower one tee mower for 36 holes. 

Philippians 4:13 

I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

Many people ask me several times a week when I call to ask their advice “How do you do it?” And I can only refer to the above verse as an example because I have no sound qualitative or quantitative response for the ergonomic out put or explanation of how something may end up better when lacking knowledge or resources.  I have over a twelve year study on coring and have not released it on my web page due to traditional contrary beliefs in agricultural practices. I believe in creating a healthy underground biological ecosystem that is somewhat self sufficient and utilizing the nutrients already present in the soil to feed the plant. This is called mining.  That being, said many cultural practices that need to be performed need funding and resources to accomplish. We are very blessed to have the current conditions we have. I am not satisfied with some of the current conditions of the fairways on the Foxfire Course but have complete confidence that the predominating grass will return once the weather breaks. I have spoken to several experts in the Central Ohio area and everyone from private, public, semi-private courses are in awe of the weather pattern we have encountered this summer. I have quotes from veterans that state they have not seen the weather this hot since 94′ to never'” and local guys stating that this is normal for the poa annua to melt out. The Players Club is in outstanding shape with regards to turf uniformity & coverage. Here is one of our problematic fairways. #8 Players Club. We utilize best management practices agronomically and this fairway faces the South and receives sun light and wind daily from the South South West. The Turfgrass requires all 3 radiant levels of sun, red, blue, and white sunlight for so many hours a day, and number 8 definitely gets sun all day!  It’s a par 5 and the drainage is fair to poor given the water table levels. This is definitely an indicator fairway to check when issues arrive. The Fall is supposed to be above normal through December according to five different sources.  We may go bellow freezing twice up to December 6, 2016. So look forward to a long Fall golfing season in Central Ohio with below average rain.  Uniform hydrology is one major component to the success of a uniform Turfgrass stand regardless of bundle sheath cell count being 3 or 4. Below is an example of a problematic fairway with 40 year old center row irrigation that requires a person to install the sprinklers at night and rotate them. I increased the water in a 24 hour period this week to verify any issues were not due to an immediate lack of water but the availability of water and excess heat combined with lower humidity rates. We watch the weather all day every day and many times the TV forecasters are incorrect. Like today- “Hot and Humid” excess heat! Was the forecast. Well, it was humid and chilly this morning. However, as I expected around 9:00 AM EST the winds picked up out of the South South West and blew the humidity from 80% at 6:00 AM to below 60% after 10:00 AM for the rest of the day. That is huge. That’s like OSU leading The Bowling Team last weekend 77-10 there’s no comparison. And maybe just maybe that is why OSU can not grow real grass at their football stadium!  Even though NC State has real grass it is not the same grass that would be grown up here!  It’s a most difficult daunting task regardless of the location.  Never the less #2 Foxfire fairway below yesterday afternoon. This is our most difficult fairway and we added grass seed today to several spots. The bunker project is moving along well given the ability to create work based on a mathematical equation and definition. #1 Players. We are waiting on our vibratory gas powered plate tamp to create the correct resistance or penatrometer reading for bunker sand! Then we will fill in the areas we want to eliminate and sod them. The sand came first otherwise I would have chosen to fill in the areas to eliminate first,sod and then add sand. 

#6 Players above after! 

Sunflower Foxfire Golf Club, Inc

Rose Petals fell in place for my sweet Nancy!

Halfway house on Players with a slight landscape upgrade with flag poles holding the Sunflower plants I planted. 

Thanks Brooks for fixing the walkway path on #3 Players today! Thanks Brad for helping diagnose the irrigation malfunction on #1 and #16 Players! During this weather all weakest links are exposed and we are finding heads that do not have guts to other heads in Roughs that are paired up with other stations that previous Superintendents eliminated or thought would not be needed. I can not explain how or why other people think the way they do. We can only assess, diagnose, reason, rationalize, and solve issues.  Labor Day last Monday! Thank you to all who have served Chuck & Colonel!  Jim the Ole Salty Scientist is back from back surgery trying to grind and get me 3 greens mower reels ready! He’s fighting the good fight. Please keep praying for him.  Happy Hollidays from my sisters house Sunday and brother in law! Nice new deck! Saturday Sunrise last weekend for the tournament!  Someone Show Vern & Charlie their Photo! Bumps on Basket-Do you think it will start if we keep starring at it? 95 Degrees end of August~ Could not resist!

Nancy and Velma – Don’t forget Ladies Day is Tuesday! 
Above Jim showing Luis and Rodolfo how to grind reels and we were able to share a sunflower with the Judges wife Mrs. Journell!  As many of y’all know he died in August at 80! He is in heaven. 
Randy Riffel above stopped by to help me locate some irrigation valves he installed a few decades ago! What a great help! Thanks Randy! Well we had a little rain 2 weeks ago and the sand truck got stuck behind #7 Players and I had to bring out the big toy to pull him closer to the bunker then pull him back the other way! Thanks Sam for the sand! ​In case y’all missed my you tube video a couple of weeks ago here is a sample of the bunker remodeling project. Thank you for watching and we greatly appreciative your support and prayers!

Judges last round! August ending!  Great Golfing Weather! Bridge & Bunker Projects! Staff of 12 for 36 holes now! 

Judge in his red shirt #3 Players

July 28 Judge Tom Journell came by the course and was feeling great and played few holes with his friend Cliff Nelson from the racing commission. Unfortunately, as many of y’all know he died August 8, 2016. He was a very brilliant and humble gentleman who loved his wife, children, and grandchildren very much.Tom would have certainly agreed with Paul on this verse below. 

Philippians 3:20. But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ,

The days are getting a little shorter and Fall is right around the corner. We have had a very busy July and August. Thus the reason for a delayed updated post. I try to extend information on Twitter and Insragram daily in which our new webmaster will disseminate it through Facebook. We added a new flow meter to the players club pump station a couple of weeks ago. Thanks Mid-Ohio for getting that done! 
 Chuck and I went over to Eaton,Ohio later that morning for Judge’s  funeral and stopped for lunch. 

We have also been busier than normal but Chuck and I did make it to his funeral, along with my Dad who met us there! 

Beautiful sunrise this morning for the tournament on Foxfire and the irrigation leak we had last night on 12 fairway was repaired by 8:30 this morning with a new quick coupler and the system was recharged. Thank you Luis, Chuck, & Rodolfo. Rodolfo and Luis have been doing an excellent job helping repair the equipment while Jim is quickly recovering from his surgery. He will return soon. ​Rodolfo added an egg to the radiator on the Massey range tractor to stop the radiator leak! There are no more radiators for this 1987 model in the country. ​


We got six eggs and the range tractor is still holding up 4 weeks later answer added and egg to the John Deere tee mower radiator and it is now back in operation. 

Eggs to fox Radiator Leaks

Last Friday 8/26/2016 Brad inspected the greens we selectively sprayed plant protectants with Sympony from Harrells, which is a moisture retention product to assist in the infiltration of the Flutolanil on the basidimycetes or commonly know as Fairy Ring. I explained the science behind this 2-3 posts ago ergo I’ll list the numbers and a photo of 6 Players to remind everyone what it looks like. We applied protectants to #6/10/17 Foxfire and #6,8,9,10, Nursery Green. 

Dark Green Circle On Right Sideof Greens is the Fairy Ring

Now the I Beam on the bridge to one Players will be repaired this Fall thank you Brooks for assembling temporary bridge-we will attempt to complete this tie in for utilization with in the next two weeks so stay tuned for updates. If you can pick me up a transit that would be wonderful to have for complete ting this project correctly as well as some of the bunker projects. Here is a glimpse of the under side of one of the I-Beams- it’s still usable for regular traffic just not heavy equipment like loaders etc. 

Rusted cracked I-Beam 1 Players bridge

Next, and most importantly everyone has been asking when are we going to “fix the bunkers?” We are currently restorating and remodeling #2 Foxfire, #1 Players,#6 & # 7 greenside. What does this mean? Exactly what the verbiage states some areas of the bunkers that were originally intended to be spectacle areas and are useless for playability will be blended out with dirt and sodded. You will see red or blue paint designating the remodeling. These bunkers need to stay “ground under repair”  until we have all the resources to blend in these areas with dirt and sod the same day!  Logistically, with 12 staff members we will be blessed to complete theses holes by the end of next week. Several steps must be taken to assure that the sand  is dispersed properly and has the correct resistance penatromimally. That may be a new word, but there is a proper resistance and depth the sand must have to create proper consistemcy and playability. Also, we are repairing any drainage as necessary.  I will ensure the correct penatrometer measurements based on my experience, but there is a device we may purchase for several hundred dollars that gives a reading that correlates to a scale the USGA came up with. Basically, we don’t want a fried egg lay in the bunker or plug on the face. That’s all that fancy jargon is talking about. I am adding a link to my you tube account so you may watch how I am checking the traps throuout the process. Darden Testing Playability

#18 Players is restorated but needs to packed several more times with a vibratory plate tamp. You will see irrigation flags in theses bunkers please do not move them nor remove them. They are marking the depth for the sand. 

Six Players Green Side example of remodeling a section and measuring area for sod. Six and seven Players above one day apart and the dump truck got stuck and we utilized the backhoe to pull him in to dump the sand.  I will blend in the areas with paint to eliminate future opportunity cost, yet keep the integrity of the design for playability and slope ratings. Ergo, remember for the next two weeks take a free drop from these few holes. OnTo, Foxfire #5 green side bunker will be coverted to a grass knoll bunker the spectacle bunker on 10 Foxfire behind the green will be upgraded to a newer style landscape bed since the severity of the topographical gradient is beyond restoring or renovating.  We will remodel with some low maintenance colorful grass plants designed with 3 big rocks as foundational functionality to triangulate the cord grass, fountain grass or viburnum.  ​Below plate tamping # Players Green side. ​Darden Plate Tamp #1 Players Next video is # 2 Foxfire dispersing sand and explaining the “process”#2 Foxfire Sand Dispersal

Finally, this summer many neighboring and high end courses have been ravaged with horrible diseases so we have been proactively vigilant utilizing best managment practices and staying on a schedule stretching applications as far apart as possible and much of this has been done by utilizing nutrients already present in the soil through a process called “mining” in which we drop the physical hydraulic conductivity of the water when applying plant protectants for fairways and greens using an acid buffer, iron, primo a synergistic growth regulator that enhances the efficacy of the iron, acid, and fungistats to last longer. We also add a phosphite from Harrells every 2weeks on our greens schedule to help prevent Pythium Blight. Our next greens nutrient application is this Tuesday and our next Tee and Fairway application for the Foxfire course will applied tomorrow on Monday. Thank you all for your prayers and support and stay tuned for updates! Thank you to my team members for your hard work and dedication. I’ll leave with a few more photos from the last few weeks. Have a blessed Sunday! 

Saturday Sunrise8-27-2016

​Daltons last day will be memorable for him. I believe he woke up when he hit the water. Got the call- ‘Hey Darden””Yes ” I said. “My right wheel went in the lake!” Ok, I said go get it. He said “I can’t I tried and it’s too heavy.” Can’t be if it’s just the tire. He said, “well I can’t lift it.” I said, huh so is the tire still hooked up to the  mower? Yes sir!’

mowers fine Daltons finenist has to college now & take a rowing class

Darden & Jose cold August Morning 58 was the low!

Sunrise Moon Set

swampy. shows up after the rain rivmmmromice aatse

Brad Soraying Okayers

Jim Hollen pre surgery

Swampy volunteer member trimming cart path edges

Linda Hollen Jim’s wife helping in shop

Happy Anniversary 20th on July 20! Golf Courses holding up! 

July 20, 2016 

7305 days ago the Reverend Robert Lee Nicks married Nancy and me. He read theses passages. I can still hear his voice when I read these words! 

1 Corinthians 13:1

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. 1 Corinthians 13:2 And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 13:3 If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing. 13:4 Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant 13:5 or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; 13:6 it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. 13:7 Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 13:8 Love never ends. As for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away. 13:9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part,13:10 but when the perfect comes, the partial will pass away. 13:11 When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.  13:12 For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known. 13:13 So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love. 

 I Made the video 2 days ago and it took me 2 more to figure out how to embed it on my web page. 

I started the sunflowers in March. The 2 songs in the background of my short film are 40 from U2 which was written a long time ago in reference to Psalms 40. The other song is new from Aaron Shust called Ever Be. So we will enjoy today then Nancy heads to Charlotte to be with her sister Leslie. Pray for Leslie and Andrew as well ~their second year Anniversairy was July 19 and Leslie’s father passed away and they are apart right now! 

The golf course has held up well with weather changes and warmer temperatures. Monday morning was spent organizing the shop and offices. 

Saturday we prepared for a tournament and welcomed Travis Russell back to work on the weekends. What a tremendous help he will be. ​

Above, the white cottony object is the mycelium sitting on top of the Secure fungistat plant protectant to prevent scelerarinia homeocarpa. Below Travis and I were checking the irrigation stations watering hot spots. 

See you on the course please continue to pray for Judge Tom Journell and his dear sweet wife Carol! Judge looks better and we hope to play golf in a few weeks! I saw him yesterday at his house in the afternoon. God is still in the miracle business and they need a miracle. 



Lightning Strikes twice on #5 Players 40 days apart!  Hollidays are over! 

Job 36:30Behold, he scatters his lightning about him and covers the roots of the sea.Job 36:31For by these he judges peoples; he gives food in abundance.Job 36:32He covers his hands with the lightning and commands it to strike the mark.Job 36:33Its crashing declares his presence; the cattle also declare that he rises.

Tuesday while we were grooming the sand bunkers we found an irrigation line on 11 foxfire green side trap with the John Deere sand pro. I think this trap will be eliminated at some point due to the logistical routing of the orgininal upgraded greens loop or original greens loop.  I do not know because there are not any asbuilts.   We had to repair it quickly to water in the fungistat for the basidimycetes or fairy ring. Flutalonil is the most appropriate control that has been around for decades. I’m not much on some newer products for certain pathogens and there are over 16,000 basidimycetes pathogens. I believe we reviewed this in my last post ergo, I will not explain its functionality again. But this is what fairy ring looks like full blown in high cut turf. That bunker will be ground under repair until I get the cylinder fixed on the skid steer loader. Firthermore, the term fungicides are misnomered etamologically due to the fact the Latin term “cide” which translates to kill does not ever in any situation pertain to plant protectant applications. The EPA obviously missed this verbiage due to the lack of comprehension when they were categorizing chemistry.  There is no scientific evidence qualitatively or quantitatively by any university to suggest otherwise.  I do not utilize any state or federal verbiage when it refers to applications because of that exact term. “Cide” has an immediate subliminal or conscious negative conotation. However, fungicides never really kill a fungus, they only supress it.  Enough on education. We utilize Best Management Practices in our agronomy program and if anyone has any questions about what the dilution being applied is you may inquire with me. 

Lightning on Wednesday after the greens sprayer pulley broke on the rig so we had to finish spraying greens with the tractor and pull behind 300 gallon SDI. 

Thanks for the photo Vince. He is the head golf pro now.  And Jeff Funk newly elected greens committee member who plays every morning and helps Mike check fairways after it rains for cart path only rulings sent in this photo below this morning. There does not appear to be any electrical or control issues regarding irrigation damage on 5 Players but we still have one head intermittently failing on 11 green Players. It worked fine after Joel left and quit working sometime during this week which means there is another break in the wire. The first break was from a secondary drainage added many years ago and was never repaired properly after the drain on 11 cart path was installed. It basically runs from the path 50 feet to the last of the path near the fescue and stops. Another 50 feet and they would have had complete fall in to the pond. I can not rationale what I find. I can only inspect what I expect.  

I have never in my career seen lightning strike on the same hole twice yet alone with in 40 days apart with in 180 days!  I think I’m going circle an eagle on it and move on when I play! Here is the green again from Saturday May 27, 2016

Next, the greens sprayer pulley on new pump shaft bored out! Engine and frame have over 5,500 hours. Secure below on Players catching up on fungistat suppression for scelerarinia homeocarpa or “dollar spot” we got 22 days of suppression before #15 Players showed signs two days ago of an out break! Brad has been doing an excellent job diagnosing irrigation on Friday nights late and spraying greens and fairways. We should finish Players tomorrow and when we can send funds to entities we will have more product for Foxfire fairways. We patched our last application together on Foxfire with product we had and would did not specificaly order it to utilize on Bluegrass but we would have no grass had we not, ergo we did 3 separate trial studies. However, it is best to utilize a generic suppressant on that golf course. 


Next, we have modified one of our new used carts to carry weed eaters and I purchased these racks a few years ago to fabricate our own but did not get the appropriate utility cart to utilize until the CEO of John Deere, whom I know, and graduated from Purdue University, got a new equipment package and returned these to Reynolds Farm and Turf equipment, in which Justin Ross made me aware of and we picked them up on a great deal even though the seats were worn already from inadequate training on the Purdue staff, but what can we expect from Purdue, but a great deal! So Jim added the weed eater racks to increase the life span of the weed eater. 

We are down to one fairway unit again and Jim brought his personal rapid face grinder to sharpen the bed knives on the only tee mower we have. But Jose had some issues this week with sensors and completeting the 60 acres of fairways with one mower. However, even with that said the stripes are right!  Players #3 and below that is the bluegrass ryegrass course #15. Foxfire rarely photoed. 

Rain on 12 Foxfire fairway above! Jose overheated on Tuesday mowing Players! Photo from above is Nancy mowing rough. She asked me to pray at Bible study and we did and the lightning only hit 1000 ft away from where she was sheltered -by the way crow flies. Another golf course, another area code, another town but only about 1000 ft away. My biggest concern is for my team members and their safety. When you have seen people die in this industry your concern for others is greatly enhanced! ​With one tee mower, one fairway mower one sprayer and no operating sand pro for 36 golfing holes over 285 acres of property to maintain we finished out the week like this with 22 team members and 40% less labor hours on average nationally.  Yes, much more work needs to be accomplished but the ergonomic output given the work load and the force to create the output was much greater than I would have speculated based on statistical data.  Great job everyone! 

Jose is on his third different fairway mower this week.  It is time to grind the reels again on the fairway unit and this is the mower we used last year with only 5 of the 7 reels operating. Brad adjusted these today and we found it cut the best after switching out a unit on the other Toro 5200. There are many mitigating factors to the correct after cut appearance for example when Mr. Graves or someone notices a mower scalping it may not be because the blades are not “sharp.”  The blades are sharp or the grass would not scalp it would be white if torn- it scalps because the mower is not on a correct plane of altitude and attitude.  This is  due to the fact that there are many intricate moving parts that they have to find in a museum for us 84% of the time  we need a new part because the parts are not in regular production. It would be like trying to find a starter for a model T Ford. They are out there I am sure but finding it is more expensive.  For example including but not limited too: bushings, bearings, seals, hydraulic pumps, reel motors, lift arm assemblies, shems, rocker arms, cylinders, tapets, venturis, wires, cables, circuit boards, wheel motors, solenoids, reel motors, rollers, roller brackets, grease zerts, bed bars, bed knives, nuts, and screws specially made for each year mode and  brand, and on and on etc. and if anyone of these parts are worn out in which they all are – then we can deduce the fact that when any given weak link fails this will create an uneven after cut appearance. Specifically, with regards to the rough mowing, and fairway mowing. If you notice an area scalped, it is due to wearing parts and mechanisms that can be corrected by replacing them one by one at 20 times the price of a new piece of equipment or we can continue to utilize what we have and the ability to create a pristine after cut appearance would become a greater risk with less rewards. We will see you all on the course. Happy Saturday! Remember Judge in your prayers. I hope to see him back out mowing greens again! 

Happy Fourth of July! NHRA, USA Flag Stollen, Nancy Gets Trophy! Handwatering, Irrigation Repairs continue! 

James 1:12Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.

The fax arrived the other night after the flowers! Not everyone from our generation won or got a trophy so I have to celebrate each day! Saturday she won best wife for 629,596,800 Seconds of Holy Matrimony! 

July 4th it will be this many days From and including: Saturday, July 20, 1996

To, but not including Monday, July 4, 2016

Result: 7289 days

It is 7289 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date

Or 19 years, 11 months, 14 days excluding the end date

Alternative time units

7289 days can be converted to one of these units:

629,769,600 seconds

10,496,160 minutes

174,936 hours

7289 days

1041 weeks and 2 days

1996.99% of a common year (365 days)

The Esquire turned 47 years old today and my parents had their 49 wedding Anniversairy yesterday! 

The Coyotes seem to be working by detracting the geese from where we want them to go. 

We spent the better part of Friday and Sarurday repairing irrigation wires and solenoids. Thanks Joel for coming out and helping straighten out 8/11/3//17. The wire pattern.  Brad and Joel and Chuck were able to stay and help. 

Joel Braun Technical Choice, Llc Owner & Expert with tracking Equipmnet found the bad splices. I don’t care who you are if you do not have the equipment to track and locate this kind of work can not be accomplished. Hopefully, one day we can get a ground fault locator and wore tracker. And yes I still know how to fix a solenoid! Luis helped along with Joey and Braskett. 

We have been blessed with a bunch of play this weekend. 

Thank you to whomever stole the entire USA Flag, tournament pole and embroidered American Flag! That’s $87.96 for one flag and pole! Someone temporarily moved the flags by the entrance way in and set in hole on #2 Fox.  

These were an idea I had this Hilliday weekend with the older flags to line the roadway! They looked great there but it never fails someone always has to try and ruin it or steal from us! Jacob made me aware of the situation last night and we corrected it this morning. Dr. On Friday out early enjoying the Players Course 

Swampy came out to help trim the sidewalks and around the club house beds. He still has the state record for the long jump! Thank you to the Hollens for inviting us over to their home for a cook out yesterday! ​Not often your Equipment Manager is a professional driver!

Friday night we were able to video and start digging up ground for the faulted cables. ​

We are continuing to Handwater greens and this is a training video of me teaching the guys how we need to water the fairy ring spots with the tablets. Enjoy your 4th of July,stay safe, thank a veteran! 

4th of July Preparation, Lightning on 5 Players Memorial Day Weekend! Wee One,Happy80th Judge! 

“God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another” (1 Peter 4:10 NLT, second edition).La Niña has been in full force with little relief from rain and cooling, ergo on our Foxfire Course one of the original ways tinware fairways is to have a night time watered to out the ole brass quick couplers in the fairways. We do the best with what we have and thank God for each and every day! Mike and Darius watering tonight. 

The evaportranslirations rates have been upwards of .32 ” of moisture per day with the low humidity. We are currently reprogramming the site pro for the Olauers course and have two cables to tack and utilize a ground fault locator to fix the wires and all the heads should be up and running after Joel Braun stops by tomorrow at noon. 
I added 8 USA Flags on the entrance way in to the club and we will have ten USA flags out on the course this weekend with flag holders. Everything has been mowed and the bunkers are in the best shape they have been in for 3 years. I would suggest coming out early to get a great tee time on fast greens. 

Lightning that struck 5 green on Saturday night Memorial Day Weekend. Chuck mowing the first cut when the machine worked. Is repairing it now. 

We water & water & water with hoses all day long  It’s how I was raised. We have been battling basidimycetes fungi which has over 16000 varieties and only soap and water will kill the fungus those are the dark green circles on the green and we are trying to prevent them from dying by utilizing soap or a wetting tablet. We should have some flutalonil and symphony to spray next week. To keep the grass alive for 28 days with that is nothing short of a miracle. 

Mushroom below means the combustible organic matter is rapidly releasing nutrients whic cause the above photo to look completely brown under the profile or hydrophobic. We relocated samples from one ring to another one to in ovulate the micro spores in hopes one of the  cultivars of the disease would erradicate the other ring. To the average golfer they will not notice this but we do have product coming now. Thank you Mrs. Graves! Jim had done an excellent job keeping the three tri plexes going. We only have one tee mower operational for 36 holes and one fairway mower again. Fabricating a fork in the side winder because the nut in the ball joint became stripped from normal wear and tear. 

Blacky his race car makes it out to the track once and awhile. 

Joey and Jastings learned how to repair a green side sprinkler on 13 Players Wednesday the brass valve at the foot valve was clogged, it’s working now. Very tricky with no isolation vslves you have to be quick. 13 tee needed lowered and the head by the green needed an osmac wire to clear the bottom brass stem. Blaise Pascals law. 

Happy Birthday Judge he was 80 on Monday bat telling stage 3 cancer. He paid for the pizza party for the boys, and his wife brought him which was wider full. Keep praying he needs a miracle. 
Thank you Mr. Joe for hosting the Wee One event at Wedgewood. One of the best courses in the Mid West. 

Joe has been at Wedgewood since he built it. Only one of 2 Robert T Jones Jr. designs in Ohio. 

Looking for Joel Braun today to utilize his expertise In tracking wires 500 yards long which make no sense logistically in the design but I’ll get it fixed we got one head on 11 green not working and ground fuses blowing on 003/008  Sat. Boxes. See you on course guys. Always great to see the greens committee chairmans! 

New Pumps, Bunker Work,Primo Secure, Lightning! 

Romans 12:12 Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer!

Thank you all for your prayers for our golf course, and I would ask to pray for Judge Journell he has been mowing greens for us but he let me know that he is now battling stage 3 lung cancer.  An outstanding gentlemen, Veteran from the Air Force, and served as a Judge in Ohio for many years.  Chuck and I delivered a few items to him yesterday, and met Mrs. Journell.

Chuck and some of the guys have been painting the clubhouse deck, and we hope to have this finished today. Foxfire Players Equipment Pumps 06.08.16 084

Yes I got em’ through the window! You never know when I’ll pop up to check on you! Sorry I scared you in to painting the window.

New pumps arrived yesterday. Thanks Mid-Ohio, and Joe the Crane Operator for allowing me to drive the crane. The Rough Mower Crew took time out yesterday to eat lunch on the course. I thought we had more mowers broken down! Foxfire Players Equipment Pumps 06.08.16 052

Yes I can operate a crane! But no I did not install! Boys like big toys! That crane cost half a million! 

Brad got all the fairways sprayed with Secure and Primo, and tees and greens this week for grub control. And fairways mowed.  

Luis and bunker crew have been working repairing drainage and keeping the sand smooth. We will start adding inker sand in next couple of weeks and begin repairing some paths. We need to fix the edges on #5 #6 Players Club where the crane entered and exited. Which is actually not bad considering the logistics of access.

Thanks Harrell’s and JD for coming out the other day and taking soil profiles. And JB great seeing you during the busy 13 hour day. Me training Rodolfo how to hand water.

Lightning struck our 5th green on Players last Saturday night. Thanks Joel for coming out and repairing the software and programming the frequency chips.

Then there’s Jimmy Hollen fixing tee mower triplexes fairway mowers rough mowers sprayers fly mowers weed eaters carts too many to show but saved an 88 sand pro today.

Yes, 4am irrigation inspection. Mom always said be humble, kind, direct, concise and enunciate properly, but carry a big pencil & sometimes a whistle. I don’t yell at team members but they know when they see the whistle- the pencil is for my score card or swinging practice at Cyotes! Saw one fox 2 Cyotes and my irrigation running!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend 2016!

“I thank God for the help you gave me” (Philippians 1:5a NCV).
Thank you to all who serve and still serve today! We have many friends and family that serve or severed in the military! We did move this pin today before play. Little tough for regular play! 

Thank you staff for a great presentation! Everyone did an excellent job the last few weeks! Keep it up! We have been hand watering greens and you will see staff periodically through out the afternoons watering greens with a hose. 

Thanks “Willie” for Fixin’ the well yesterday and Tom & Brad for helping get that done! Wow! We got to have water with the forecast of La Niña now it will be warmer and drier than normal! The humidity dropped from 85% yesterday morning  to 45% by 2:30 pm with a SSW wind and 12-15 knots! We may get a shower today but I doubt it! 

Jose and Brad did an excellent job mowing fairways this week and Jim did an even better job keeping the mowers running! These guys know I like diamonds! 

The rough mowers are all working well this week and got everything cut once and twice on a few more holes! Fred Nancy Treceia were so fast I don’t think I got a photo this week of them! But I did get Mike who waters at night to come out during the day and get a turtle removed for us! 

The skid steer lost a hydraulic cylinder this week and Jesse has been helping Jim work on the Backhoe to get it up and running. Jesse is a skilled operator and is able to help run saws and loaders when he’s not at the warehouse. The guys have been doing better in the Bunkers and once the new pumps are installed we will start adding sand in some of them. 

The new engines arrived for the Toro triplexes but we had to order a lift cylinder for this one. We will continue to add them in between repairs like below on the fairway unit or when I need Jim to create something! 

Repairing level lawn for tee divots! Another fab job by Hollen! If your sneezing this may be the reason! That’s not snow in May even though it has snowed in Ohio in May before-this is cotton wood! 
See y’all on the course and don’t forget to Thank a Vetern! Thank you Colonel Petrek~ safe travels back from New Mexico! And pray for Matthew’s grandson Matt Zipper call sign “stuck”!  How creatively skilled and brave those pilots are! He’s flying right now in an F-15 somewhere ~ boys are still flying missions! Hopefully we will have the Judge back soon. I spoke with him yesterday and he sounds better! 

Daily Hope, Happy Birthday, Thank You Agronomy Team for the outstanding course presentation. 

Happy Birthday Mom 68th dinner night before. First time in 3 decades I got to eat dinner and breakfast the next day with Mom on her birthday. Safe travels to Rock N Roll Hall of fame & Indians game today! Both parents still work full time and mom works 3 jobs. She’s part owner of Childcare Unlimited, a College Professor, and a marriage counselor specializing in addiction! God Bless Mom! People ask me when I accepted Christ in my life which was before “time out” seats for troubled children in trouble and I said I had Jesus since day one because they always said they were beating the devil out of me when I got a whoopin’ or a correction for a better redirection. Now parents can’t touch a child and I don’t have children so I have no comment other than a general observation of how children are today. On a side note  I did get kicked out of the Cherub Choir when I was 3 or 4 by the director when we lived in Suffolk, Virginia. And that must have been difficult because Mom was the director. 
  Big Thank you & Great job to my staff for the presentation of the courses yesterday for our first outing and to Nationwide for making Foxfire Golf Club your choice! 

By Rick Warren — May 14, 2016

“No one who gossips can be trusted … but you can put confidence in someone who is trustworthy” (Proverbs 11:13 TEV).

Trust in a relationship is what makes the difference between an acquaintance and a friend. You talk to acquaintances, but you trust your friends.

You need at least one person in your life that can be a safe person for you, where you say, “I can share anything with that person. He’s not going to look at me crossways. She’s not going to reject me. He’s not going to dump me. She’s going to be there.” You need a safe person who you can share everything with — your fears, your doubts and insecurities.

It’s essential that what is said between you and that person remains confidential. And for you to be a safe person for someone else, you have to commit to confidentiality too.
The Bible says that you build trust in a friendship by keeping confidences: “No one who gossips can be trusted … but you can put confidence in someone who is trustworthy” (Proverbs 11:13 TEV).
Do you have a safe person in your life? If not, pray about it and ask God to help you find someone you can trust enough to share your fears, your doubts and insecurities. And how about you? Are you ready to be a safe person for someone else? Talk to God about that and ask him to prepare you for helping someone else. You may not be ready yet, but he will prepare you as you follow his direction.
Talk It Over
Would your friends describe you as a trustworthy person? Why or why not?

What can you determine about the person who gossips to you?

How should you respond when someone initiates gossip with you?

Daily Hope by Rick Warren

 How to Leave a Family Legacy 


Awesome Relationships

By Rick Warren — May 12, 2016

  “Let us think about each other and help each other to show love and do good deeds” (Hebrews 10:24 NCV).

Awesome families teach their kids that they’re not the center of the universe. They teach their kids that God made them and shaped them for a mission. They model dedication, service, generosity, and prayer. Average families don’t do those things. Awesome families do.

I am the man that I am today first of all because of my parents. They instilled in me certain values to care about other people.
My parents were very, very poor, but they both had the gift of hospitality. They loved to give to others even though they didn’t have much. We lived out in the country, and my dad would plant an acre in garden with all kinds of vegetables. There was no way our family could eat all that food, but he did it just so he could give it away, because he didn’t have any money to give away. So we always planted more and then gave it away to help other people who were in need.
Our home was constantly filled with other people. If people were in pain, they were at our house. If they were on the road, they were at our house. If they were going through a conflict, they were at our house. If they were a well-known Christian leader coming through town, they were at our house. One day my dad added up how many meals my mom had cooked for guests in our home in one year. It was over a thousand meals! I grew up learning an attitude of “give your life away” and that it’s not about me. It’s about helping other people.
That’s what awesome families do. They teach each other to show love and to do good deeds. Good deeds are called ministry. They are called service.         
A good example of this is Cornelius’ family in the book of Acts: “He and all his family were devout and God-fearing; he gave generously to those in need and prayed to God regularly” (Acts 10:2 NIV).
What a great legacy! Wouldn’t you like to have people writing that about you and your family one day?
Pray this prayer today: “Dear Jesus Christ, I want to live an awesome life. And I want to have an awesome family. I know I won’t have either if I just live for myself. So today I give myself to you. As for me and my house, we’re going to serve the Lord. I want my family to be a place of play and fun, not just work and negativity. I want my family to be a place where we encourage each other to grow constantly. I want to be a family that is a shelter in the storm, a safe haven, a refuge. Help me to protect my family — not just their bodies but also their minds. I want my family to serve you by serving others. Help us to find our family mission, our purpose, what you shaped our family to do. Help me to teach my kids to be generous by modeling generosity to God and to others. Help me to have a bifocal vision to not just care about my family but to teach them to care about the whole world. May we model dedication and service and generosity and prayer. I can’t do this on my own, Lord. So I ask you to come into my life and take complete control of every area and give me the power to do the right thing. In your name I pray. Amen.”






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