Happy 4th of July Thanks Everyone! 

The courses are shaping up nicely we will be verticutting and venting the greens the next couple of weeks starting with Foxfire tomorrow. 

Fathers Day week after at The Lakes with Pops! 
Fathers Day breakfast.

Nursery green trial run. Mark may we borrow your topdresser? 


​The process is patented but not in this order. ​

Intermittent irrigation issues.  Joel will be here tomorrow to help diagnose it! Thank you Big Ray, Mr. & Mrs. Graves, Paula & Tom for you help and especially Brad Luis Jimbo! And this is what it’s all about. 21 years July 20! Colonel all the boys in service thank you! 

Memorial Day Thank You! Staff of 16 part time. Boys of Summer are back! 

Joshua 1:7 Only be strong and very courageous, being careful to do according to all the law that Moses my servant commanded you. Do not turn from it to the right hand or to the left, that you may have good success wherever you go. 

Colonel Petrek and many more, this flags for you! May all of our family serving and friends serving be safe. Guys at Miramar, Pendleton, Langley, and places we can’t name because we don’t know but pray for their safe keeping. Thank you grandfathers who served in WWII, and made it home. Only recently did I read the Lettters from The Reverend Robert Lee Nicks to my grandmother, and never knew the danger or living conditions he was in. Briefly, he speaks about his journey and the shelling all around his ship in the Pacific specifically, and I can not imagine, but by the hand of God did he turn out the way he did. Nancy’s grandfather Thronihill received a Purple Heart and slept sitting up the rest of his life upon his return because that’s how he slept in the foxhole. Her grandfather Rogers was Ret. Lt. Colonel from the Army.  My great Uncle Buddy Darden who passed away this week to be with the rest of the Darden’s who have gone to heaven also brought back a Purple Heart from WWII. My Grandfather Darden was in WWII. Just to be raised up by children who were just one generation away from “The Greatest Generation” and have known them and remember them is a complete honor. Anyone of them would have done anything in the world and did to help us. 

18 Players Club. 

We don’t put USA flags on every hole because people like to take them with out asking and do not bring them back. But if you are Golfing there is a flag holder for each green designated with an American Flag. The practice greens have the wall you may lean them against. Rising Sun! 
The Digitaria sanguinalis preventer is applied and we will complete the practice tees the 29, of May or 30.  We still have time here in the Midwest based on the temperatures and should get more longevity or efficacy out of the Dithiopry by applying 2 weeks later than last year. This product acts as an early post and pre-emergent control. All the greens were treated this week as well, on schedule, and I thank you all for the emails and complements. It has only been by strategic planning and execution of the plans that have permitted this to happen because we are still only working with one tee mower and one fairway mower for 60 acres of turf. God Bless Primo! Primo is growth regulator enhancer that I am well known to utilize without hesitation because of the synergism that it creates with nutrients and protectants. I believe I have sound visual evidence that it aides in the translocation of products through the plant. We won’t go in to How but it does. It has something to do with the way plants process carbohydrates through the bundle sheath cells and xylem and Phloem or something like that. Basically it makes the plant short, fat, and happy! Like many Americans! Sorry, we can say fat anymore it’s Husky! I surely do not want to offend the grass. It’s not magic. It’s science and chemistry. We will have two fairway mowers in operation by June 8.  Brad has done an excellent job keeping up with them and many other issues. We built a bridge this week and thanks to the Trail Life leader Ramey, Brad, Noah, Brasket, Luis, and engineer Brooks llc for assembly and foundational penatrometer readings. I believe in allowing the best people for the job to do it and provide them the resources~ then get out of the way. ​

This is temporary, and I think maybe the neighbors horses or coyotes got the other one late one night. Much work to do always! Just honored that I can still do it and have people to help. ​

#6 Players Tee Box. A plaque for a veteran who used to play out there. Mr. Ramey is quite the historian and a welcome addition back after many years gone! 

.5″ of Rain early Saturday morning. 

These are hard to catch but I am always very fascinated at how ducks in a row operate and the mom leads the way and waits on the other ones until they are safe. It would be neat if people were like that. “Sometimes people can be like hearding cats.” Wilson R. Thanks Jim for getting the R-311T almost ready. We need to change some hydraulic hoses and it should be ready by Wednesday. Friday I found my warm up jacket Puma. From the 16 and under team. 27 or so years and it kinda still fits and in my mind I can still play! 🇺🇸😂 Noah plays for the Bible College down the street. And we got Sammy back this year. He texted me about 2 months ago from seminary school and Asked if he could come back and I said “Hurry!”Caught the Boys from Rickenbacker Airforce base flying to Wright Pat. AFB for lunch Friday. At least I hope that’s what they were doing. And that’s why I wouldn’t have made it in the military. Such a beautiful day Friday. Just like a Winter day in SRQ. Still getting accclimated to the weather.  We will be treating for ants soon so don’t let them get you all ancy. It is going to be a great year for insects.  I’m looking at various products now. Below is my great Uncle Buddy Darden and his wife. Below that is my grandfather James F. Darden in back right and his brother Buddy on back left with my great grandparents Dardens. Too many to list but our condolences are with my cousins.  That may have been the photo from Boca when they all four drove down an about 11 hours for a 14 drive and stayed 3 days instead of a month and went back to Suffolk.  We all went to Applebee’s and Nancy and I were the only ones who could hear between the six of us. I wont share all of the story but ole Uncle Buddy brought his pistol and set it on the table. No fear- it was normal and perfectly his right. Y’all just don’t see that too much anymore these days and this was 14 years ago. I said Buddy we are in a restaurant what are you doing? He said y’all invited us I’m hoping to have a beverage and something to eat your granddaddy wouldn’t stop. I said no the gun is that real? He said it was bothering his leg because my brother wouldn’t stop the car. He looked at me And said last time I shot it – it was real now let’s eat. What a memory. I felt safe~ not sure about the wait staff but I didnt see anyone try and take it or tell him he couldn’t have it. 

May 16 Frost 7 days ago but February temperatures 50’s /70’s returning to Cbus! Staff 8/9 Part time for 36! Earlier Photos from career! Players Club Charged Up! 

Psalms 5:3O LORD, in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning I prepare a sacrifice for you and watch.
Thanks to all for helping out the last few weeks. We are continually progressing. Cover Photo is Mothers Day Sunrise from Myrtle Beach! Amazing! No, I’m not there but asked Paula to send me a photo because it has been about 16 years since I saw the sunrise there! The temperatures will be rising and I turned the water on players club today or yesterday by post ~for a test run last night. Luis is continuing to work in the bunkers preparing them for the outings this week. We will be applying plant nutrients and plant protectants to the fairways today.  Brad will be mowing rough when Ramey gets the unit up and running again.  As of 5 PM May 15 there were no major issues with the irrigation system on players club. We do need to add another pump in the pump house on players club we only have one pump and can only water so much at night. Below checking out the Lely Mr. G bought. It’s going to need some work. Video of Jim and Brad towing the 5200 D back to the shop. 

Saturday was a busy day cleaning mulch beds but we found time to add a little bit of color to Mrs. Graves’s house. 

I did see a little mycelium Saturday morning but not much it was 43° and I did notice a lot of Cottonwood blooms had fallen in the fairways. 

Cottonwood on the bottom and mycelium in the top one. 

The boys of summer are starting to come back slowly but surely Joey LeBlanc is working on Saturdays and we now have Jacob Hastings back.  Saturday morning came early after leaving the Baptist Church at 10:00 Friday night. 4:00 Am arrival. 

Dr. One of the members told me I should write this statement and he has it in his office but I think it may say Health or Life vs Doctor instead of Golf Course & Superintendent. 

Thanks Billy Bob for making the beautiful new Fairway post. Not sure how they are doing this season but there’s one in the dugout above. Thanks Matt for letting us utilize your “tractor” we were able to mow all the rough on both courses. Sunrise Moon Set Below. “Before the Noise” just me and Morlan the former MLB pitcher are there that early and can get some things done. Rainbow last week. 

Don’t forget I got y’all Pink Flags for Tuesday “Ladies Day! And new cups and poles as well. 

There is an entire Standard operating procedure for assembling ropes and stakes to herd the population. Notice no sagging rope or knots in it. If you can guess how I did it you will win a prize! 

Frost 7 days ago. 

Earlier years in my career. Day 1 north of. Charlotte. Today we have been married 7604 days by my grandfather Rev. Robert Lee Nicks.  One of us still looks the same & its not me! 

Nancy and I have been through 13 major hurricanes in a 1996 hurricane Fran came in island and devastated the Governors club in Chapel Hill North Carolina. 

I believe over 13,000 trees were knocked over. The Governors club is set on a beautiful piece of property on Edwards mountain the highest point in Piedmont North Carolina to the east coast. On a clear Day you can see Raleigh North Carolina. Below is a snippet of Boca Raton which means the Mouth of the Rat in Spanish! We did many upgrades and renovations there. Practice bunker renovation. 

Yes I’ve done this many times with the proper resources and staff. Below are the first two years of Sarasota and given time we were able to utilize best management practices following the “recession” and restore the greens ~postponing any huge capital expenses to the members. Those photos are a year apart the bottom photo is Fenruary 18, 2010. Then we got to fly over the office and really see how it was. 

Matt Auen & Dave W. watching me catch all the fish. We Had to eat somehow. Two of the greatest men I have ever worked with. Love the SRQ. Hopefully will get back for a visit soon. Maybe for the Christmas Party. See y’all on the course. 


Taraxacum Epinasty, Bunker Work Contiues, Pipe Line nearing completetion, Staff 6 for 36! Through the years of my career! 

1 Corinthians 15:10But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; but I laboured more abundantly than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me.
Thank you all very much for your help. I greatly appreciate everyone’s compliments and suggestions. Those are what make a leader better! Brad and I stopped this morning to speak with Mr. Thomas and he said the fairways were the best he had ever seen them. Two more members stated this morning that the greens held better than they had before. Over four years the club is on a progressive program to become the premier club in central Ohio that is was at the turn of the century before the depression of 2008! Mr. Thomas is just Jt’s grandfather of a leading PGA player Justin. I haven’t met Justin yet but I did send him note last season regarding PT and hunting golf balls in the “creek”. No damage done Jimmy and Travis set him upright again and he went on his way. What a neat area to be virtually neighbors with a kid named Jason Day who lives between our house and my parents with several in between, but a quaint serene area.  

You may research the title I will not give that answer away but if you choose to respond you will win a prize to be determined at a later date which will include but not limited to a special volunteer project. Office flyover in Sarasota before photo shoot with Carleton Holt for Tv add. New Sentinale Palms behind Seven East. Coquina around the Live Oaks, and Red Mulch around the club house for “pop” eye candy! If you ever really want to see how you are doing go up in the air and look down. It’s not for the faint at heart with eyes for detail you see everything. It’s tough. No air brush real deal. Many have never seen so I wanted to share. 

I’ll add earlier years later. 

We will continue adding new sand this summer when we get our dump trailer back from Westchester. Thanks Mark for the repair. Sunrise this morning! Before the noise! 

Original Superintendent and Owner Ray came back to assist with bunker remodeling and restoration. 

Great roundtable meeting with many highly respected presidents and agronomists in Central Ohio at Pinnacle Golf Club. Great post card El Presidente Mike! Stripes are right at Pinnacle! Thanks Brian Laurent Executive Director for setting this up! We discussed local labor pool, wages, poa annua issues, weather, and resources. Great visit with Scott at Darby Creek last week! What a beautiful property I think they are on the right track! He are the regional issues which we have completed treating. Still not giving up the answer! But you are getting lots of hints. 

Beverage Cart retrieved fixed this Am. Tee mower fixed this Am, blades changed on sidewinder. 

The ditch digger has hit almost everything We marked. Thanks Randy Riffel for coming out and helping. It’s the experience of local knowledge that helps Superintendents learn. Cables marked pipe marked. Boom hit it. Fixed it. Unbelievable but we look forward yesterday is gone. We are raking bunkers fixing pipe mowing fairways rough greens tees and changing holes for ladies day. 

Nice shirt Luis! I was raised to give everything you have and God will provide more. Everybody has my shirts. Brad trying pin backslapping machine up against the cabinet so we can “hone” in the grind on our tee mower. One tee mower for 36 holes. And he needs to hurry up because we have one fairway mower and need to cut all the fairways. Great job Brad.  
Thanks Matt Fellows for bringing the rough mower last week it was huge! Great machine! 

Volunteer J.R. Picking up empty wire spool from ditch diggers. Brad on new fairway mower we should have it repaired today and back in service tomorrow. 

And on a Saturday I won’t share my score but anytime I get to outdrive Jimmy and Doc. On Cash Alley at my home club per pops it’s going to get a photo. Kyle it’s looking great at Rattlesnake brother. Max should be proud. See the two dots in the background! That’s their drive. I didn’t win the war but celebrated the battle. 

There is the ditch digger crew. Go to you tube if want to see video. ​

​Quick video of this morning! Fourth repair of the day. But we move forward. 

Irrigation repair. Below ​

Alex Hall from Columbia SC- call me tomorrow set up a time to discuss what you wanted to talk about with sensors. God Bless you all. I’ve been blessed to go all over  . Great speaking with Fred in Houston last week,  Zach in SRQ, Jeremy in Austin, boys in Chi town. Dave in Scottsdale. Thank you all and Steve W. in West Palm. 


Spring Rains Course Preparations! Happy Easter 2017! 

Maundy Thursday

John 13 12:1612 So after he had washed their feet, and had taken his garments, and was set down again, he said unto them, Know ye what I have done to you? 13 Ye call me Master and Lord: and ye say well; for so I am. 14  If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another’s feet. 15 For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you.  16 Verily, verily, I say unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord; neither he that is sent greater than he that sent him.

We have been busy getting the course ready for season and have five staff members for 36 holes right now. Labor in this region is most challenging but we will continue to place our faith that the right team members will come along. We saw several experienced operators retire last fall and I am diligently searching for the next team members.  I have early commitments from some of the college guys that were here last year and they did a good job. Paula has been mowing rough with our only rough mower for 36 holes and Brad has been mowing fairways with our only fairway mower.  We did get the John Deere 8700 today from Alabama on an auction and it will help tremendously keep up!  I do not have my statistical data in front of me right now but review it daily and we have had close to 10″ of rain since January 1, 2017. And with the warmest summer on record for Central Ohio in 2016 we have also experienced a warm wet Winter with minimal days below freezing and the ground never froze solid this Winter. February 12 the trees began to bud!February 17, 2017 we mowed greens for the first time a month early! We had a few solid weeks of play in February this was taken early on February 17.  Then the rains came back at the end of February through March. 

Saturday February 18, 2017 #14 Players The Creek stayed full most of the Winter except for the second half of February. March 1 our greens mower had some issues and the weather was rainy at best with beautiful sunrises. 

With the fall fertility and warmer Winter we are blessed to have an abundance of grass and unfortunately we have many dandelions to eradicate. February 20 dandelions were blooming and we had not received our proucts yet to commence eliminating them. We will begin treating them tomorrow and then apply nutrients on the putting greens. 12/13 Players February 20, 2017. The crabgrass control will be applied after the soil reaches 52°F and even up to early tiller stage which should occur in about 3 weeks.  The product we are using is a pre-emergent and an early post emergent. It is the most ergonomically sound product for control in this region given the resources available and eliminating a second application in August. The efficacy of pre-emergence is traditionally 90 days, however that may vary with environmental conditions such as extreme heat and rain! It also will have to be reapplied wherever divots or holes are made! Soil temp April 6 was 47.5 degrees Fahrenheit. 

We will also begin working in the sand bunkers preparing them and later this Spring we will continue our remodeling project. All the bunkers that were reminded last season have no weeds to very minimal compared to previous seasons. We move the water off the paths as quickly as possible utilizing the resources we have.  The Foxfire pipeline commenced last week and I hope they finish in the next week. The rain has slowed this project and last Friday we had snow and a friend sent me a photo from Cleveland last Friday. Mr. Joel Braun the irrigation specialist had a bunch. Cleveland snow one week ago and Snow in Westerville below that photo. Saturday morning after the Friday snow at Foxfire. 

Paying Tribute the The Judge! And a week later things are shaping up for a great Easter! Sunrise April 12, 2017 we tried to pressure up the Foxfire system today and had to retract after 40 minutes due to a main line blow out on 10 Foxfire fairway. We only needed it to have more water volume at the wash pad. We have a well but the volume is not quite enough to clean items to my expectations. The pipe on Foxfire is anywhere from 24 to 40 years old and this is not uncommon. We will repair it next week and try again. 5 Players below is an example of one of many positive progressions due to the amount of turf! And the day ended on a bright positive note! Paul thank you for getting the fairway unit. I know the dealer where it came from before the city in Mobile used it. Small world. 
See you all on the course it is a pleasure to serve! 

Golf February Cbus⛳

The Almanac predicted an above normal to normal Winter.  There are 25 days left until the Vernal Equinox and I would say the weather has been right on tack according to the Almanac.  Equinox is Latin for equal nights. This means that the amount of daylight on the earth is about the same or equal in both hemispheres. 

I decided to mow greens last Friday the first warm day in a series of 8 days and we mowed some fairways Monday. I do not think too many people in central Ohio mowed but I did hear of a few guys down in Dayton that mowed. All the pins have been changed.  The rest of the week remains warmer than normal through noon Saturday. It is great to see everyone out and playing golf! Remember the grass is not growing right now and what ever divots are made need to be filled and placed backed.  Mowing the grass now will expose it to sunlight and jump start it growing.  But it also means that it is “exposed” therefore we will be extra cautious during frosty mornings because any damage done now will be present for the next 60 days. 

14 Players last Saturday. All the bunkers that have been upgraded with sand are doing well and the additional sand has acted as a buffer for weed encroachment. We will be resuming this project in the Spring. We have also been busy upgrading some of the lights in the shop and sharpening reels.  Last week on Foxfire before it warmed up it was snowing a little bit. We are almost finished servicing the golf carts. Mike and Brad have done a good job getting those done. 

The trees are staring to bud! #1 Players Winter has provided some beautiful sunrises. The photo above is the nursery green and shows sign of leaf senescence.  We also have some Rhizoctonia Cerealis or yellow patch on a few greens which is not uncommon.  They will grow out of that. The purple color above will grow away as well. 

With the weather changes we had a dense fog bank until half past the noon hour Monday. 

Tuesday Brad was able to mow some fairways. The high Friday is 73! I have been converted again and will have shorts on! A few years ago I had long pants, wool socks, and definitely a pull over on until it reached 80!⛳🏄🇺🇸 See Y’all on the Course. 

Normal to Average Winter in the Cbus! 5 today 50 next week! 

Jeremiah 36:22Now the king was sitting in the winter house in the ninth month: and there was a fire in the brazier burning before him.
I saw this verse this morning and thought of many of y’all down yander below the freeze line like my Grandmother in J-vile and especially my good friends Mr. Meredith Robbins, Arnhart, Hoffman and your Wednesday Study at the club with so many others to mention it would be a scribe, but you are prayed for and remembered. There are many verses in the Bible referring to having a winter home! Nancy and I are very blessed to have one its just in the same spot as the summer home! We are still unpacking and have some painting to do! On to golf and the Salt Life! Found my South Carolina Red Head Duck Huntin’ suit and I was happier that the dad gum zipsr zipped up for the Salt at the daycare. I engineered a home made Salt Truck with the Tahoe. Mrs. Judge I’ll call soon to explain what happened to the Judges truck but God provided this for now and we are blessed to know y’all and I am sure you miss him Carol! 

Big Thanks to Chris H. And James at the Lakes for helping me get the tire seaded back on the rim for the Skid Steer loader! The Ohio Boys have been beyond helpful and welcoming. The Lakes is a premiere private club across the street. Looking forward to the Glenn B in June out there~never played it! I wanted to snap a bunch of photos but didn’t want act like a tourist! CH didn’t mind I missed one of his hat but it said something like Make Turf Great Again! 

His snow plow outside for parking lots only. Now that’s Salt Life right there I need my Jimmy build one of those. It looks like hes got a switch to it and ain’t got get out to open it up! High Tech. They were busy working on equipment as well. 

Got the tire back to the course and will put it on today, but Jimmy is fixing the floor jack one of the hydraulic pins broke on it, but the skid steer loader is inside inside and ready to go. We will begin the preventative maintenance on the golf cart fleet next week! 

Peters Run or Ray’s Creek yesterday has dropped down a little but will fill up again by Wednesday. Sorry Mark! Your gonna get more water from there to the Big Walnut River or Crick. I’ve been studying this water route a little and it looks like it ends up at your place and George’s at Cooks! Two Fox yesterday morning! Just enough snow to keep the grass green and snow mobiles inside thank you all for not going on the holes yesterday sledding down the bunker faces. 

Will and Mack I thought about y’all and Walt and the boys when I found this and meant to call but ran out of time yesterday! I’ll call soon! We had two entire boxes of this fine China. She said they don’t all match because of all the logos but I said look on the bottom they all match- they all say Tervis. They last forever and the little town South of the SRQ in Venice is home of the Tervis Tumbler so I think We areset for life on these and Nancy gave some away already to other families! Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon. Just started snowing that morning at the club after I opened the fence. And the fulcrum ramp below. That was a sight I’m glad I had the cameras off when I was loading this! 

I think that was 21 or a 2 and a ? On the temperature gauge on the mirror! 
Great seeing Leslie for a bit. Miss the Portland Zone and Andrew she stopped by on her way back from the Boston Town. She got here New Years Eve and got back yesterday okay even with the mayhem in Ft. Lauderdale! She helped create more work for me! 🙏🤗 Jk Thanks for the great ideas and I’m glad you got to see your sister! Maybe next year we will come back out and see y’all and Uncle Danny and Auntie Milli in the SFO town ~like a weekend in the Mt. Hood snow surfing and then down to the SFO for a round of golf at the Olympic Club! The day before the snow. We still have excellent color. 

See y’all on the course and it will be Cart Path Only or Walking if any at all! 


Y’all I had to re post this! If you are golfing in Ohio right now bring me a Ben Franklin Bill because you are saving 10 x’s that amount by not flying to Florida and so on and so on! Be blessed stop complaining about the weather or the in ability to drive golf carts through terrain in which they are not capable of going- either go to Florida and pay to play big boy money or stop complaining to top agricultural scientists about nothing we have control over except Prayer to our Lord & Savior! Sign up and believe and Heaven will be perfect for golf! I had to share this post from one of the Top Agronomist in the country or grass growers or greenskeepers or yard boys. Which ever y’all refer to us as! Many thanks see you on the course.

Merry Christmas to All and a Happy New Year 🎄


10And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. 11For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. 

Merry Christmas from Nancy and I to all our friends and family across the US and many other countries! We have had a very productive year and God continues to bless us and the golf course! Thank you for all your prayers and support. We finally got in to our home in Westerville and our furniture from Sarasota moved here a week or so ago! Many thanks to Wilson & Donna in Sarasota for their hospitality! Thank you to our Sunday school group for the Tree and cards and all the other study groups for your prayers! The tree is up in the corner by all the lamps I didn’t remember we had! I’m sure I’ll come across a bunch of new old stuff.

The golf course was open Friday and should be Monday depending on the rain. The fall fertility looks excellent heading in to Winter. I expect the next 90 days of weather to be normal to milder and set us up for a great Spring Tee Off! We will begin the preventative maintenance on the cart fleet next week and continue to sharpen reels. The tractors are in the barn! We need to get a wheel bearing kit for one of the Toro Cutting units. I think this mower has 4500 or 6000 hours. 

The starting times right now will be no sooner than 10:00 AM if at all just check with Vince in the shop. The frost yesterday lingered due to cloud cover. The  days will begin to have light longer here by Monday until June. The last snow is gone but we were able to capture some good photos. Remember the snow does have minute traces of Nitrogen and will also replenish the lakes and streams when it melts so there is some benefits for the Turfgrass. The nitrogen is just trivial! Every season has a reason! 

The snow is also a great indicator of where the deer, Coyotes, and kids go. Just a reminder for y’all with your children that it’s not a good idea to be riding snow mobiles on my golf course because I will catch you and it will cost you, and I would also suggest not sledding down the Tee Bank hills on 5,6,7 Players towards the lake. That’s just not a good idea for their safety and I do not want to catch them doing that because I can’t swim on frozen ice bergs, and it ain’t good for the grass! And my truck door on the will not open with it is 7 degrees outside. Notice the tracks around 7 Players and 6 Players green. At no time soon will the water be warm enough for people. Out back at house near the school house. I’ll update more indoor photos later but here are a few. Right now it looks kinda of like when yalls Sherman guy came uninvited through Atlanta and Savannah inside but making progress. 

The choir had their Concert December 9 & 10th and did an excellent job. They sang last night and will sing four services today and one tomorrow morning at 10:00AM. 

Thanks Uncle Dan & Auntie Milli for the ride to the SRQ I flew down Tuesday after they sang and came back Thursday. Love the srq airport but sometimes you have to wait for them to open the front door and even though they have gate 2 I think it’s the only gate! The only wait is for them to open the door. What would Christmas be with out getting the Christmas Measels in Sarasota! Donna always has her home just about 10 notches above the Hilton! Hopefully next year we can comeback for the Christmas party at Gasparilla! Thanks for the tour Wilson great seeing some of the boys! And if anyone was wondering about the new Amazon grab and go! I was the first to report you can get a cow in Ruskin. I think you just drive your truck here and load up how ever many cows you want and they will bill your account! Had to get a photo of this. That morning it was reported no check out lines from Amazon and here is a warehouse. That’s on the poor side of the Tampa bay. 😎

Here is a photo of the outside of the house. Thanks Art and Lynn for your help! 

See you all next year on the course! Merry Christmas. 🎄⛳🇺🇸


Harrell’s Fall Fertility, Aerification, and Slit seeding Completed! Staff of 4 for 36! 

2 Corinthians 9:15 Now thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift!

The long range forecast is for a warmer fall as we roll in to November the highs next week will be in the upper 70’s. The low temperatures range from the mid 30’s to mid 40’s and we are not scheduled to go below freezing but 6 times before December 5 2016. Great golfing weather continues in Central Ohio! 

The grass seed is germinating and we were able to fertilize the entire golf course fairways, tees, and green surrounds Wednesday night and finished Thursday morning with Aj from Harrell’s and Brad riding along in the truck. This is the most efficient way to apply bulk applications and as we continue to improve we can incorporate fall pre-emergents on a polyon prill that will last all year long in one application saving future funds upwards to 30k annually based on accumulated depreciation and opportunity cost factored in with labor. Thank you Mr. Jim Dillard for organizing the application and Owner Mr. Jack Harrell Jr. for your steadfast commitment to providing cutting edge technology to enhance our Best Management Practices with the utilization of GPS mapping along with the science behind your products. 

Great Prill Pattern!

This is a great example of our industries awareness of proper applications and the GPS permits safe buffer zones from water ways. The course map shows the rates in variable colors as I made adjustments along the route to stretch out every fertilizer prill possible. We got an early start this morning.  The gator caught a ride up from Lakeland, FL. Just kidding I found this photo when looking for verticutting photos. This is how I used to verticutt and someday next Spring we will add the proper equipment to provide the best greens in town by achieving results like this. These piles are from one verticutting on 39 greens in Sarasota and then they are buried in sand and the ball roll is not affected by big holes in the turf and the bentgrass will enjoy the same attention. 

TifEagle & Tifdwarf Spring Verticutting

Smooth and Puttable after aerifying

Chuck was able to finish Slit seeding the range tee and foxfire course last week and the seed is already germinating. 

​The dry areas in the video are now recovered. This is due to improper irriagation spacing. Below we were able to locate an intersection of pipe previously repaired a decade ago or so and will charge the system up today. I have never seen this many irrriaggion lines intersecting but not connected in my entire career. This took much imagination to figure out this assembly. Very fascinating. The leak is fixed and we will charge the Players Club system tomorrow to water in the fertilizer so carts can drive on the fairways. 

The Beauty of Maples in Fall!

We have many quotes coming in soon for equipment and speciality pieces to take is to the next level. The Buker work is continuing and we will be mowing a bunch of grass the next 2 months and the fertilizer kicks in and grass seed germinates and fills in.  

Ms Paula and the girls got a round in after a long season of working!

Thank you Billy And Mike for upgrading some of the bridges! Great job! 

Clean and organized before staff leaves for winter break!

Beautiful Sunrise! Thank God for each and every day!  We will continue to work on the bunkers as weather and time permits and look forward to a better and more productive fall season and next Spring.  Thank you all for your prayers and support. I will see you on the course or stop by the agronomy center and check out the progress! See you on the course ! Upcoming scheduled events will be November 7 & 8 to blow out the irrigation lines and prepare for winter so the pipes do not freeze! Remember to submit any agronomic questions with photos to dardensagronomy@gmail.com and I will respond with an answer or tell you how to find the answer but great questions from friends and followers alll over the country. One question I used to get in the South quite a bit was “there’s An alligator or rattlesnake what are you going to do or what should we do?” I’ll always follow up from a distance but would advise people stay away and don’t near them nor provoke them. Those are easy answers. Any turf questions y’all have email a photo and I’ll get back with in 24 hours. Swing easy when it’s breezy!