Golf February Cbus⛳

The Almanac predicted an above normal to normal Winter.  There are 25 days left until the Vernal Equinox and I would say the weather has been right on tack according to the Almanac.  Equinox is Latin for equal nights. This means that the amount of daylight on the earth is about the same or equal in both hemispheres. 

I decided to mow greens last Friday the first warm day in a series of 8 days and we mowed some fairways Monday. I do not think too many people in central Ohio mowed but I did hear of a few guys down in Dayton that mowed. All the pins have been changed.  The rest of the week remains warmer than normal through noon Saturday. It is great to see everyone out and playing golf! Remember the grass is not growing right now and what ever divots are made need to be filled and placed backed.  Mowing the grass now will expose it to sunlight and jump start it growing.  But it also means that it is “exposed” therefore we will be extra cautious during frosty mornings because any damage done now will be present for the next 60 days. 

14 Players last Saturday. All the bunkers that have been upgraded with sand are doing well and the additional sand has acted as a buffer for weed encroachment. We will be resuming this project in the Spring. We have also been busy upgrading some of the lights in the shop and sharpening reels.  Last week on Foxfire before it warmed up it was snowing a little bit. We are almost finished servicing the golf carts. Mike and Brad have done a good job getting those done. 

The trees are staring to bud! #1 Players Winter has provided some beautiful sunrises. The photo above is the nursery green and shows sign of leaf senescence.  We also have some Rhizoctonia Cerealis or yellow patch on a few greens which is not uncommon.  They will grow out of that. The purple color above will grow away as well. 

With the weather changes we had a dense fog bank until half past the noon hour Monday. 

Tuesday Brad was able to mow some fairways. The high Friday is 73! I have been converted again and will have shorts on! A few years ago I had long pants, wool socks, and definitely a pull over on until it reached 80!⛳🏄🇺🇸 See Y’all on the Course. 

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