Y’all I had to re post this! If you are golfing in Ohio right now bring me a Ben Franklin Bill because you are saving 10 x’s that amount by not flying to Florida and so on and so on! Be blessed stop complaining about the weather or the in ability to drive golf carts through terrain in which they are not capable of going- either go to Florida and pay to play big boy money or stop complaining to top agricultural scientists about nothing we have control over except Prayer to our Lord & Savior! Sign up and believe and Heaven will be perfect for golf! I had to share this post from one of the Top Agronomist in the country or grass growers or greenskeepers or yard boys. Which ever y’all refer to us as! Many thanks see you on the course.

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    • Yeah It’s Oh freaking Hi Oh 100 miles South of Canada! Really? Not a bad winter or 50 degrees in January. Thanks Al Gorr! People are a real treat in their own mind sometimes. PGA in Maui can not start soon enough!


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