Normal to Average Winter in the Cbus! 5 today 50 next week! 

Jeremiah 36:22Now the king was sitting in the winter house in the ninth month: and there was a fire in the brazier burning before him.
I saw this verse this morning and thought of many of y’all down yander below the freeze line like my Grandmother in J-vile and especially my good friends Mr. Meredith Robbins, Arnhart, Hoffman and your Wednesday Study at the club with so many others to mention it would be a scribe, but you are prayed for and remembered. There are many verses in the Bible referring to having a winter home! Nancy and I are very blessed to have one its just in the same spot as the summer home! We are still unpacking and have some painting to do! On to golf and the Salt Life! Found my South Carolina Red Head Duck Huntin’ suit and I was happier that the dad gum zipsr zipped up for the Salt at the daycare. I engineered a home made Salt Truck with the Tahoe. Mrs. Judge I’ll call soon to explain what happened to the Judges truck but God provided this for now and we are blessed to know y’all and I am sure you miss him Carol! 

Big Thanks to Chris H. And James at the Lakes for helping me get the tire seaded back on the rim for the Skid Steer loader! The Ohio Boys have been beyond helpful and welcoming. The Lakes is a premiere private club across the street. Looking forward to the Glenn B in June out there~never played it! I wanted to snap a bunch of photos but didn’t want act like a tourist! CH didn’t mind I missed one of his hat but it said something like Make Turf Great Again! 

His snow plow outside for parking lots only. Now that’s Salt Life right there I need my Jimmy build one of those. It looks like hes got a switch to it and ain’t got get out to open it up! High Tech. They were busy working on equipment as well. 

Got the tire back to the course and will put it on today, but Jimmy is fixing the floor jack one of the hydraulic pins broke on it, but the skid steer loader is inside inside and ready to go. We will begin the preventative maintenance on the golf cart fleet next week! 

Peters Run or Ray’s Creek yesterday has dropped down a little but will fill up again by Wednesday. Sorry Mark! Your gonna get more water from there to the Big Walnut River or Crick. I’ve been studying this water route a little and it looks like it ends up at your place and George’s at Cooks! Two Fox yesterday morning! Just enough snow to keep the grass green and snow mobiles inside thank you all for not going on the holes yesterday sledding down the bunker faces. 

Will and Mack I thought about y’all and Walt and the boys when I found this and meant to call but ran out of time yesterday! I’ll call soon! We had two entire boxes of this fine China. She said they don’t all match because of all the logos but I said look on the bottom they all match- they all say Tervis. They last forever and the little town South of the SRQ in Venice is home of the Tervis Tumbler so I think We areset for life on these and Nancy gave some away already to other families! Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon. Just started snowing that morning at the club after I opened the fence. And the fulcrum ramp below. That was a sight I’m glad I had the cameras off when I was loading this! 

I think that was 21 or a 2 and a ? On the temperature gauge on the mirror! 
Great seeing Leslie for a bit. Miss the Portland Zone and Andrew she stopped by on her way back from the Boston Town. She got here New Years Eve and got back yesterday okay even with the mayhem in Ft. Lauderdale! She helped create more work for me! 🙏🤗 Jk Thanks for the great ideas and I’m glad you got to see your sister! Maybe next year we will come back out and see y’all and Uncle Danny and Auntie Milli in the SFO town ~like a weekend in the Mt. Hood snow surfing and then down to the SFO for a round of golf at the Olympic Club! The day before the snow. We still have excellent color. 

See y’all on the course and it will be Cart Path Only or Walking if any at all!

Y’all I had to re post this! If you are golfing in Ohio right now bring me a Ben Franklin Bill because you are saving 10 x’s that amount by not flying to Florida and so on and so on! Be blessed stop complaining about the weather or the in ability to drive golf carts through terrain in which they are not capable of going- either go to Florida and pay to play big boy money or stop complaining to top agricultural scientists about nothing we have control over except Prayer to our Lord & Savior! Sign up and believe and Heaven will be perfect for golf! I had to share this post from one of the Top Agronomist in the country or grass growers or greenskeepers or yard boys. Which ever y’all refer to us as! Many thanks see you on the course.