New Pumps, Bunker Work,Primo Secure, Lightning! 

Romans 12:12 Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer!

Thank you all for your prayers for our golf course, and I would ask to pray for Judge Journell he has been mowing greens for us but he let me know that he is now battling stage 3 lung cancer.  An outstanding gentlemen, Veteran from the Air Force, and served as a Judge in Ohio for many years.  Chuck and I delivered a few items to him yesterday, and met Mrs. Journell.

Chuck and some of the guys have been painting the clubhouse deck, and we hope to have this finished today. Foxfire Players Equipment Pumps 06.08.16 084

Yes I got em’ through the window! You never know when I’ll pop up to check on you! Sorry I scared you in to painting the window.

New pumps arrived yesterday. Thanks Mid-Ohio, and Joe the Crane Operator for allowing me to drive the crane. The Rough Mower Crew took time out yesterday to eat lunch on the course. I thought we had more mowers broken down! Foxfire Players Equipment Pumps 06.08.16 052

Yes I can operate a crane! But no I did not install! Boys like big toys! That crane cost half a million! 

Brad got all the fairways sprayed with Secure and Primo, and tees and greens this week for grub control. And fairways mowed.  

Luis and bunker crew have been working repairing drainage and keeping the sand smooth. We will start adding inker sand in next couple of weeks and begin repairing some paths. We need to fix the edges on #5 #6 Players Club where the crane entered and exited. Which is actually not bad considering the logistics of access.

Thanks Harrell’s and JD for coming out the other day and taking soil profiles. And JB great seeing you during the busy 13 hour day. Me training Rodolfo how to hand water.

Lightning struck our 5th green on Players last Saturday night. Thanks Joel for coming out and repairing the software and programming the frequency chips.

Then there’s Jimmy Hollen fixing tee mower triplexes fairway mowers rough mowers sprayers fly mowers weed eaters carts too many to show but saved an 88 sand pro today.

Yes, 4am irrigation inspection. Mom always said be humble, kind, direct, concise and enunciate properly, but carry a big pencil & sometimes a whistle. I don’t yell at team members but they know when they see the whistle- the pencil is for my score card or swinging practice at Cyotes! Saw one fox 2 Cyotes and my irrigation running!