March 22, 2016 Course Update 

1 Cor 15:10 But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect. No, I worked harder than all of them- yet not I, but the grace of God that was with me. 

Thank you Brad, TJ, Jose, and Tom and Paula for coming out yesterday! We had a great day cutting fairways, roughs, and tca!  Tom cut the Foxfire tca yesterday which was the second cut on Foxfire. Jose finished the Players Club Monday. We would have been finished last Friday but a hydraulic hose broke on the left front reel motor.  This is normal for a unit that has 4500 hours.  Jose, pictured below is mowing the first cut of the season on Players Club. 


Brad tested the unit on Foxfire below, and when then chain saw broke down I sent Jose above to start cutting Players Club.   
All the greens have been mown twice and we will cut them today and Thursday. The Judge will preside over the greens. 

Jim did an excellent job getting the units assembled on the 5200 D.  We still have parts on order for the other greens mower and the John Deere first cut mower. The John Deere First cut mower needs new rollers on 3 reels for a total of six rollers. 3 Rollers came today! That’s service. Thanks Justin for stopping by on your way out here off the grid in Galena! Jim can start assembling these in am. 


 I have no idea why the water on 16 Players is springing up out of the ground.   The power to the pump stations are off, the cross over valve is closed, and when we get the backhoe fixed I may be able to dig it up and see. It could be the under ground Teays Valley River. I am not sure but we will find out in due process. It is not impeding play.  Photo below is the cut through from Foxfire 11 to 16 Players and a connection or cross over line was added to bridge the two systems. 
  Hydraulic leak last Friday on #6 Players below, ergo when you see a brown line you know what happened. Look at how pure the cut is! Jim did and excellent job grinding and setting the attitude of the bed knife. Attitude is everything, literally!   
  The sidewinder above is ready for operation. We will need to get Fred back out here to operate it.   

  First cut above with the 6700 D that has 5 of 7 units operating and is what we utilized last year for 36 holes. This year we may have 2 fairway units and possibly a 3rd! 

  This is the reel below that the new rollers go on! The John Deere 2653A will be our intermediate rough or cut mower around the fairways, and the plan will be to utilize the 6700 D at 1.75″ outside that cut. Then the 4000 D rough mower will have less work when the plan comes together. We only have the one 4000 D rough mower for 36 holes so variable creativity in step heights of cut will be necessary to establish a friendly faster pace of play for the golfers. In turn this should generate more revenue for the club. 

  We got one of our New Holland tractors back last week and John Deere said they will pick up the Kubota to repair it! I expect the other New Holland update any day now! The Kubota is leaking fuel somewhere in the engine causing it to leak out of the block.  

  Kubota below when I pulled the dip stick out fuel came gushing out of the engine!  

And finally below was an opportunity to share a bit of my story for a friend in the studio. I recorded two segments and I will update more about it towards the end of the week. Stay tuned! See you on the course!  

 Special Thank you to Andy & Brandy for your hospitality last Saturday at the lake house in Apple Valley! Always great to catch a game with you! I’ve know Andy for 30 years or more and we have seen many games It is always great when Duke wins!  Andy runs the big tall bank in the down town!  


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