March 9, 2016 Greens Mowed, Pin location Day 1, Tree Work. 

The weather this week is a typical Florida Winter day! Remember we are still in Winter in Ohio. Low 50’s high in the 70’s. It’s another great day for golf. Please fix your ball marks the grass is not growing yet! It is trying to “wake up” ! We are still in Winter but all signs are pointing towards an early Spring which means any poa annua control needs to be applied this week, and crabgrass control will need to be applied early April at the latest! I would not be surprised to see dollar spot activity earlier this year as well! 
Jim has gotten a greens mower ready and hopefully by the end of the day we will have a tee, collar, and approach unit ready. All the greens will be mowed today and the pins relocated. Ideally, we would also roll the greens to smooth them out, but I will have to see if another course will let us borrow one to accomplish that task. The Judge made it back from Alambama to help out today and TJ. All the greens will need blown off first! Then we will now them and I will set the pin locations.  


  Jim got the parts needed to get this mower with 7,000 hours running again! Hopefully it will make it another season! He put brakes, pins, bushings, new reel motors, and various other springs and levers that operate the Toro.  

We also replaced a lift cylinder that was leaking hydraulic oil, and replaced a hydraulic line. 

We are continuing cleaning up the tree debris as well. 

The saw is off in that photo! See you on the course. 

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