Warm Fall continues thru Thanksgiving! Smith Mt. Lake. 

Philippians 4:6 

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Above photo is Sunrise Thanksgiving day at Smith Mountain Lake! 

We have been busy on the golf course the last month. Luis & Jose came back to work for a several days to help install a solid ADS drain line on 3 tee complex Players Club. We were repairing an original installation to a neighbors clay drain tile.  

  The neighbor dumped bricks rocks and nails in a hole where his tile was broken and tore ours out of the ground and then said it hasn’t worked correctly in twenty years.  


He was very helpful and came out several times to tell me water won’t go uphill and let me know how intelligent I was. Very Complimentary too! Unfortunately I would never issue those kind of compliments to anyone, ergo they are not shareable. But, 2 ways to look at and I took it as a compliment because of my optimistic outlook!  Never the less- the project is final based on available resources and ready for grass seed when we the next shipment arrives. 




   Even without a transit I checked the fall daily and water was moving through the trench downhill to our drainage system. Thank you Jim for fixing the backhoe so I could at least use it to dig the trench. We also had to go under two irrigation lines. Asbuilts of the irrigation system would be helpful but we were able to find the lines.  
 New pipe installed.  

 The New Holland Skid Steer loader broke down last week so a final smooth finish was done by hand with hard rakes. I hauled some leaves off transporting back and forth to the shop on the backhoe.  

 I finally got one of the walk mowers out after Jim sharpened the reels and Travis and I walked mowed the Nursery and #2 Foxfire the week prior to Thanksgiving. This may be an option next season if we can get the rest of them running. They are 1980’s Jacobsen and early 1990’s machines but are good mowers.  


The very first walk mower I ever used! 

We were able to mow the Foxfire fairways one more time before Thanksgiving. Travis and I cut them like Muirfield. It’s the easiest pattern. The grass has been growing.  Drain below. 





 Thanks BASF, Sloma, Residex for the education seminar in Pinehurst, North Carolina a couple of weeks ago. Gary Myers had an excellent presentation. And the course restoration by Bob and his staff were outstanding. Carolina Hotel below. 

  Downtown Pinehurst. Donald Ross statue. 

  Camellias were blooming in the Sandhills!



  Main clubhouse below. 


   PInehurst #2

  My caddy Nate and me after 6.5 miles of walking! He’s doing a little better than me, but he didn’t have to carry that bag he carried a different one.   

  Shot below in to the second green. I had quite a few of these but no birdies. 

 Didn’t go here but find a group of lines once.  

  Nate had an easy day and the fastest 94 strokes he has ever tended!   
 I experienced the entire event!  

  Shot in to 18 for the win!  

We did figure out the skid steer loader yesterday and bought a new solenoid for the tilt hydraulic foot lever. Travis, Jim, and myself worked on this for 2 days straight to figure it out and finally got the intermittent failure repaired today.  

We also cleaned out the electrical compartment and pcu board.  



 17 fairway Foxfire above.  

We will order the new reels, bearings, seals, and rollers Friday for seven units. Jim has them disassembled and has sharpened the ones that do not need new bearings.     
  Relief angles on reel. 

  Reels on the floor the vacuum was not repairable it needs a new motor.  Sunrises at Smith Mountain Lake during Thanksgiving at Nancy’s aunt and uncles lake house. Great visit. Thanks Luis & Gail! 

Luis’s Mule to get down to the dock to the boats!    
    House above on way back in to the dock.