Leaf Senescence, Greens Too Fast, Staff is 5 for 36 Holes! Fall Fertility! Elon Homecomming! 

2 Corinthians 4:15For it is all for your sake, so that as grace extends to more and more people it may increase thanksgiving, to the glory of God.

We had another busy weekend at Foxfire Golf Club with the annual Jack Frost Jack Daniels golf tournament. The staff did an excellent job preparing the Players Golf Course for this event while the Foxfire Golf Course was open for regular play last Saturday! I had the opportunity to play with an aspiring PGA player Steve Lee.  I always enjoy hiring and playing with people much better or smarter than I am because it inspires me to continue learning and improving! We did not win, but neither of us woke up that morning saying what can we do to lose! We put up a good fight and finished six under in a 2 man scramble! 

 I was recently asked “Why do the leaves change colors on the trees?” The brilliant fall colors come from leaf senescence. This is a nice plant pathology term used to describe the process of dying leaves on plants. The leaves change colors in the Fall because the trees are “winterizing “or drawing the chlorophyll back in to the tree to store nutrients for the Spring. God’s perfect timing permits all seasons to change.  







  Travis was able to fertilize the greens last week before the first frost of the season and this will help a little with the leaf senescence on the bentgrass greens.  However it is primarily for next Spring. We utilized an Andersons greens grade “DG” product and after the rain Saturday I noticed some slight growth on the top of the plant. But we apply this nutrient application for the roots. The grass metabolizes nutrients just like trees.  

I have had several comments that the greens are too fast! This is one of the best times of the year to golf in Ohio and the leaf senescence reduces the ball friction on the putting surface. Along with much drier cooler weather the speeds have increased upwards to an eleven or twelve. Hit a club less and keep the ball below the hole. 

We tried to fertilize the Foxfire Golf Course today, and may celebrate a small victory in the fact that 3.5 holes were completed before the axel fell off the Lily. I was going to hook up the Vicon spreader  but could not get the backhoe or bob cat started today to get access to it. I will try again in the morning. I really wanted this fertilizer out today with the forecasted rain expected.  We did spend a great deal of time trouble shooting both of these before and after I drug the lily to the shop. You may notice an edge along the main drive on the side of the road. That’s me and the lily. No choice but to drag it back with the axel dragging.


Victory below a small set back above! The towel is to keep the fertilizer from getting in my ears since two of the fingers or shoots flew off today when we started.  

 I still remain positive progress is being made and we will scrap this unit and buy a new one someday. The opportunity cost to repair it is far greater than a newer used one! And this was our good Lily, I think! I will try the other one tomorrow to confirm this because it will take five or six hours to charge the bob cat anyway.  The shop is steadily improving and organization has taken place.

We got to visit Westchester last week and here is what Mark is doing in his sand bunkers. Every year he budgets to replace three to five bunkers and replaces the drainage on a schedule so that in ten to fifteen years all the traps are replaced.  

 Next week we will commence blowing out or winterizing the irrigation system. I had Mike utilize his metal detector to locate and mark a few brass quick couplers last week on the Foxfire Golf Course.  

 #8 Foxfire should be a little better now that we have have located the quick coupler just past the bridge that goes to the fairway. Last Tuesday we replaced the fuel pump at the club house for the golf carts.  

 Preparation for the tournament last Saturday. Travis mowing greens and Rodriguez changing pins.  

 We started on #9 Players Saturday. Brad did an excellent job mowing the fairways last week for the tournament. We still are utilizing 3/4 of a fairway mower for 36 holes and the range tee. 

A few weeks ago we sprayed grape koolaide around the greens where the geese are problematic and have had less traffic on them if any. I added sugar just for carbohydrates! We had 100 packs of grape koolaide and 15 pounds of dextrose sugar cane. 

 Last Thursday number 6 Players had geese but they were off the green and away from where we had sprayed the koolaide. Not bad for 10 dollars and some sugar! 

 Many people ask me what Elon is. Elon is a University and also the Hebrew word for Oak or “Under the Oaks” Nancy and I both graduated there and we were blessed to be able to attend her 20th class reunion. Mine is next year! Wow the college has grown and and will always be home! Many of her family members attended as well as numerous Dardens’ & Nicks’. And yes I did get a medal for finishing second place in my age division for a marathon she entered us in. Or a 5k walk/run!  


  We found our bricks! Mine has an irrigation line under it! Of course! Going to the new island or 10 year old island bed in front of the Mosley Center!   


 No trip back home would be complete with out meeting the football coach on a Thursday night during his radio show with classmate Taylor Durham. Coach Rick Skrosky at the Fatt Frogg!   

   We used to be the Fightning Christians and I still wear my hat but now they are the flying Phoneix. The NCAA said that there can not be a religious affiliated mascot when we went to Division I. Unless of course it’s demonic like the Deamon Decons of Wake Forest or the Duke Blue Devils! Long Live Elon! 

Fall Swing Course Update! Staff reductions continue 14 for 36 holes! 

Matthew 6:34

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

The weather has been perfect this week and we were able to get some great photos of sunrises, golf cart windshields in trees, transitional statues, and many other events on the course! I expect the golf rounds to continue to be busy during the week days! We will pray the current weather pattern holds up for a few more months! It looks like we have one day of rain per week for 3 weeks in a row and that is excellent. The lows will be in the high forties and the highs will be in the mid to upper seventies. 

We began clearing the wild Japanese holly along the green on one Foxfire and will continue selected holes on Players around tees and greens. Mike is working on this solo so we will see how far he gets. 



  We may add some grass seed in this area or sow some wild flower seed there next year to add color since it is on the drive in to the club. 

We began needle tineing the greens last week and got four or five holes completed before the timming linkage on the cogs to the rocker arms became untimely. This unit is 16 years old which is about six years past its life span for an aerifier. Ideally we could utilize six of these units and perform this once a month with verticutting.  


  The large putting green will be closed for a few weeks. We needle tined, and top dressed it last week. The lower end of the putting green has had over 80,000 feet walk across it this summer and I think a slight break from traffic will give the green time to rebuild its turgidity.  There were two slight thin spots down by the tree which already filled back in.  Grass lives and dies everyday we just want to reproduce new plants faster than the old ones die.



 Untimely above causes spooning or heaving of the canopy and I do not want that. Jim is in the process of aligning the belts and linkage on the unit and we may do a few more holes this Fall.  Coreing is not necessary and this is non disruptive to the putting surface except when it is not properly operating. This only happened on one pass on 6 Foxfire. Coring to remove organic matter is essentially ineffective based on mathematical principals alone, and we do not have an abundant amount of organic matter on the greens anyway. A healthy underground biological ecosystem containing organic matter is like a savings account with funds available (nutrients) to draw from.  I believe the report I did this summer showed we had five to six percent OM, which means it’s actually only one or two percent combustible OM. This is an excellent rate on return when we applied less than .5lbs on nitrogen per/M ft^2 all season through liquid fertility and utilizing acids to draw out available nutrients in the bank thus saving on current opportunity cost of more nitrogen.  We tried to spray the greens yesterday, but the sprayer failed and after five hours of diagnosing actuators and solenoids we discovered there was a bad cell in the battery. We installed a new battery and we will finish the application today. 
      Aerifier in the shop with chain below adjusted. Each side has a chain and then there are timming belts inside like a car that have to be aligned as well. 
The growth regulator on the fairways is wearing off and creating more grass clippings.  We will try and back lap the reels today because the quality of cut is rapidly declining since we only have 3/4 of a fairway unit to mow 36 holes.  This truly has been a miracle this summer to get by with a partial fairway unit. Brad and Jim have done an excellent job, but the Primo has absolutely saved us and kept the grass in check from producing excess verdure. Ergo, we will not be fertilizing fairways this week with staff reductions, no primo, and warmer weather. We will wait until next week or the week after that to apply the fall fertility. This is a best management practice ergonomically right now.  

Paula, Skipper, and Terry on 18 Players on a Tuesday enjoying the afternoon. Thank you for your help this past summer!  

 We repaired some irrigation leaks on Foxfire last week and charged up the system Tuesday. We are scheduled to drain the systems Nocember 1 & 2 this year.   

We had to sharpen a tee mower reel this week and a tire fall off the greens mower yesterday on Players so we only have one tee mower available right now and the grass is growing faster than it did during the summer on the Foxfire course as well as Players.  

   We got what’s left of the pull behind Lely spreader ready to put out the fertilizer when it is time.  The shoots on it are worn out and the axel is dragging a little bit, but the gear is turning on the drive wheel so we should be okay for one more application with this Lely.  
 We began pushing up the dump pile so we can burn it this fall. We had to stop that because the smoke stack fell off the backhoe and we will have to get it started again. The dump is almost pushed up in to one small mountain.  

I did get the logs up off of 15 Foxfire and 14 Foxfire Tuesday.  

Nancy got the window shield out of the tree on 14 Foxfire that a golfer had thrown in to the tree for some reason. That’s is why we go back to the top of the post and only worry about one day at a time because tomorrow will definitely be there soon enough!  

 Last Monday before I went to the OTF fund raiser at Pennicle Travis and I got to meet Kate.  

 OTF at Pennicle was a success as well as the Foxfire vs Westchester round one outing on Players!  

The Staff from Westchester came over last week and we go there next week to see there course.  

  Treceia teeing off on 18 Players!   
Chuck has done an excellent job on the tractor blower keeping up with the leaves. It is a daily assignment right know and he is the perfect leaf distributor!