Tournaments, Bunker Work, Irrigation Repairs, Seeding, Striping, 16 Staff for 36! NCR Meeting Harrells & Syngenta

“Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10 NIV)

Great job Staff! All of you did an excellent job this week preparing for today’s 280 plus outing! We had an outstanding usual week at Foxfire Golf Club overcoming obstacles and improving the courses. We spent a good deal of time in the bunkers and with out rain they turned out the best I have seen them this summer. Thanks Chuck for allowing us to borrow your tiller, and bunkering the port holes in the pump house so the Christmas ornaments do not continue to get wet!  We will use the sand in the bunkers once the pump is repaired! Mrs. Graves did say we can fix the check valve and clay valve! We will assess that in a couple of weeks when Vince returns from Colorado! 

  We need about ten more full time team members, and a new sand pro to restore them to the architects original intention. We can do one bunker at a time by repairing or adding subsurface drainage, and sand! I am blessed that I can still teach this labor intensive work. We found a few pockets of sand and I went through my operating procedures from standing on the tee box and explaining what our objective was in the bunkers.  

  Luis in 9 Players above, and Travis tilling 13 Fairway below.   
13 Fairway bunker above after tilled raked and edges tamped in. A gas powered plate Tamp from Franklin Equipment would assist in packing the faces so the golf balls do not plug. 

Brad did an excellent job striping the fairways this week in to checkerboards! Even though the fairway mower broke down three times this week Jim was able to get it running again and Brad stayed late to finish mowing. The cut on the reels is great we have an intermittent fue/fire/air/temperature/sensors with the 6700D, ergo it is going to take some time to diagnose and repair correctly.  

 Nancy, Fred, and Trecia did an outstanding job mowing all the rough and Chuck was able to continue some secondary rough or “high grass” along with operating the tractor blower. Unfortunately, the 4000-D rough unit blew a hydraulic hose on #10 Players around the ladies tee so you will notice a brown ring around that teeing surface. Nancy noticed it and stopped Trecia. We only lost 3 gallons of hydraulic fluid!  

 Jim was able to repair the line in the field by taking a hose off the broken 4000-D at the shop! We were up and running again with in a couple of hours.  

 Travis was able to repair the solenoid on 9 tee Players and seed the irrigation repair on #14 Foxfire!  

 Pushing up bunker edges below and locating the original bunker sand.  

      Thanks Chuck for getting new tires for your High Grass mower and the Toro Sandpro. We were able to use the Toro but the hydrostatic pump needs replaced. 

  Our landscape crew was able to finish the mulch beds behind the clubhouse last Saturday! The Mums are out and Fall is coming!  

Thank you Jim Champion Director of Agronomy at NCR Country Club for hosting the meeting sponsored by Harrells and Syngenta. Thank you Jim Dillard and Greg Schaner for the updates on the new products. The course was absolutely amazing! 




Cart Path Only Players Fairways on Foxfire and 6 Team Members for 36 Holes!

Preparing for another golf outing this morning. We had .62″ at the shop .80″ at the halfway house, which is in another area code or about 1 mile west of the shop, and .7″ on Players. Another great day for golf. The high today was at 3:00 AM with 65 degrees, and the wind will be out of the North at 9mph with gusts up to 15-20! We started at 4:30 this morning to prepare the courses. The forecast for the next ten days has the low in the low fifties and the highs will be in the low to mid seventies! Back to long sleeves and pants. I turned the “pump” off on both courses this morning to save electricty on the Players Club and we have an irrigation leak to repair on #14 Foxfire on Monday!  Travis and I hooked the sump pump up and pumped off two Foxfire green this morning! Shades are on at 5:00 AM for the camera and eye protection of course! After 42 years of living today safety glasses are a must when working outside! 
Thank you Chuck for getting the guys the miner lights yesterday! We will utilize them the rest of the year with the sunrise at 7:10 EST today and tee times at 7:00AM and shotguns starting at 8:00AM we have to work in the dark prepare the Championship golf courses! Travis below hooking Pump up to pump off the green.

   Luis above and “The Judge” below.  
 Elijah on the sand pro on #6 Players. 

 #10 Foxfire Green above and T.J. Aka “Ralphy” from The Christmas Story below on #13 Foxfire green. We went from zero mowers working at one point on Thursday to having 3 greens mowers with freshly charged batteries on Saturday! The units are so old the charging systems can not produce enough power to re-charge the batteries because of the after market lights. 

 Thursday morning on Foxfire before the outing on Foxfire we had regular play. This is always interesting and no one was injured. I have seen this many times in the last 24 years but never before any beverages have been consumed! These four guys are in there thirties. The one that jumped out of the cart was an engineer, and we had a Fedex driver, and a Barney and Smith stock broker. The Judge saw it happen. The guy already hit a bad shot across the road from two to seventeen. And went to view the green and went full speed back towards the creek locked up the brakes spun in a flat 360 spin like NASCAR and jumped out right before he went in the creek!  

  Travis, Swampy, and I got it hooked up with a chain and Brad was able to pull it out with the Kubota! Cart 56 went to the pits for about thirty minutes, got a new micro switch and finished the race only a few laps down! Kyle in the blue shirt was the driver like Kyle Busch apparently. I said this yesterday on Instagram @darden73 that they all must have gone to “The Ohio State University” sorry buckeye fans but a N.C. State alum would not have done this!  The poor guy was worried about his telephone. I said we will get your phone sir but I have to pick the cart up first, and get the minnows out of my pockets! 

I found his phone with my bare foot! I always go In barefooted! Unfortunately for him and his telephone my left foot has about 226 lbs of foot pressure so his water tight case leaked a little bit! Have a great weekend ya’ll! From our course to yours! 


Course Update Tournaments, Irrigation, September Heat! 

Luke 10:2And he said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. (“or the equipment”)Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out(“equipment”) laborers into his harvest. I added equipment but thank you for your prayers last week! With only 1 & 3/4 of a pump for 300 plus acres we needed rain, and when the Baptist pray God answers. Not just for the Baptist but I heard he answers their prayers first! Both greens mowers broke down this morning on the first day of a home series of outings that last through the end of the month. We were able to get the greens cut on Players where the tournament will be today, tomorrow, and Saturday! 

  Thanks Mike Sloma from Residex and the Mirage for fairways. It worked great for a couple of days! I’m glad we are “Backed by Bayer” see you all later this morning. Mike below assisting in the sump pump drainage on five Players. We got rain & lightning! 
 It just takes awhile for the sump pump to move the water. Lightning below snapped a few cards.  

 Retired Federal Circuit Court “Judge” needed his jump box and Nancy did too so we could finish mowing greens. Also Chuck had to wait for a jump box too on the tractor blower but it wasn’t enough so we had go get his Dodge Ram 350. We also have to turn the jump boxes around quickly and get them back out to the tee mowers so they can finish all before 9:00 AM EST! 
 This too shall pass said the Judge! 

Travis rolled the Foxfire greens and watered them to get the dew off for members and regular play.  


 Jim had a trick he learned from Chuck he learned in Vietnam. But we need the Dodge anyway, and different jumper cables because we had to cut the end off our cables  to fix the blue jump box.  

 Chuck took me to Century yesterday and wanted to buy this mower but it was 30k and it has snow plow attachments!  

 Travis figured out how to start Chuck’s truck. Let’s see if it will crank the Kubota! Wow heck of day.  

   Irrigation watering in the grub control and checking the irrigation.  
 TJ was able to utilize our 30 year old fairway blower last week for a little while. We just rebuilt the engine in it!  

 18 Players tee broken gear drive was reputed and several solenoids this past week. We still have one more solenoid to switch on #9 Players tee and we should be back in complete operating order on the Players club. And with 10 minutes left Nancy is quick on the jump box turn around and air tank for TJ tee mower. Thanks for your prayers please keep praying.  

Chuck is going again!  

And a week ago last Monday I got to take Dad to the Central Ohio chapter meeting at the Clippers baseball game! Last time we went Dad took me 30 years ago.