Course Update Pray for RAIN! 

Nehemiah 1:11
O Lord, let your ear be attentive to the prayer of your servant, and to the prayer of your servants who delight to fear your name, and give success to your servant today, and grant him mercy in the sight of this man.” Now I was cupbearer to the king.
The end of August means we are closer to the Autumn Equinox but the high pressure siting over us the next 8-14 days will bring high temperatures in the upper 80’s to low 90’s which will be the hottest of the year so far. We had highs last week in the 60’s and 70’s. We will also remain dry with only a slim chance of rain, and that means the grass will have some dry areas due to the low humidity and higher temperatures. This will occur on the fairways on both courses primarily because of the 2 failed pumps and a third big pump on Players has a crack in the column as well. By the time this is published I will be night watering the Foxfire Course Fairways. We had a great start to the week last week organizing the last box on the Players Club back to its original pattern to coincide with the site pro software. These got out of order when the grandchildren wired the boxes prior to my arrival. Brad was able to help with this. I went through each wire, located, and labeled it. This takes about 4-6 hours depending on the number of wires.  

  Brad takes great photos! Capturing the moment after a zap! Yes 28 volts will increase your heart rate a little.   The multi colored strand bell wire has a pattern as well. All the boxes should look like this in the top with the eight various colors in an order for every out put board. 

  Complete back in order.  
Terecia continued to mow rough and well there’s one less tree to cut down.  

 Tree trimming is on the list and is over due by a few decades in many spots but we were blessed to have the utility company come and trim the trees going down 16 foxfire. Hopefully we will get an assessment later today to see what timber values are bringing.  
With the pump columns broken in the Players pump house I am estimating we have the ability to water at 38-40% capacity. I can not quantify the field pressure reduction at night with the new cracked column yet but I am sure there is some.  

 We were able to spray greens last week and we will begin spraying the fairways this week with a plant protectant, plant nutrients, and wetting agents.  

 A week ago Last Saturday night Nancy and I got to see our first MSL Crew match! In the big City! Thanks Jim & Gregg the seats were great! Wesley the field looks wonderful. Congratulations, you & your staff are doing an excellent job! I look forward to the tour!  

 The beverage cart broke down Wednesday night and we were able to get the secondary clutch installed Friday morning so we would have two beverage carts for the weekend. Jim also got the parts in to repair the front axel on cart 118 and a solenoid switch for our workhorse utility cart.  The greens mowers had a rough week as well with the hydraulic issues on the Foxfire greens mower and electrical issues on the Players Club greens mower we were still able to mow the greens before the outings and regular play this week.  Secondary clutch installed below on the Ez-go beverage cart! 

 Front axel repair above! We were also able to mow the fairways this weekend before the outings! Tees, collars,and approaches were also mowed on Saturday before the wounded warrior outing on Players! 

   This week began yesterday with the irrigation box on #8 Players failing so I re-wired all the common wires and replaced a fuse on Sunday morning. I noticed the dew pattern was off a little and when I inspected the box and radio signal there was none! It is up and running again and was only down for one night. Usually one yellow common wire is needed in the main Receiver card on the bottom right but I believe having more is not better in this situation. I fixed the box how it should be and we will see if it continues to operate properly. # 3 Players was the same way a few weeks ago and it has been operating well since I replaced the transformer and re-connected the common wires properly. Time will tell! This is also 2 miles from the shop ergo radio signals travel the farthest to this box! 
   The magneto or alternator is failing on the new greens mower with 6000 hours. We do have a new used spare alternator for the rebuilt motor we just put on in June otherwise we will have to continue switching batteries out half way through the course. This will be our project today and Tuesday and will skip mowing greens on the Players Club on Monday.  
  These reels are acuated by an electronic solenoid with a hand joystick and do not take over hydraulically until they are set down then it takes direct current power to raise them up again. When the battery is not charging it fails quickly especially when we are utilizing the lights to see in the morning. Sunrise is at 7:00 AM now so it is vital to repair this but it takes extra time disassembling the fly wheel off the motor and taking the motor off of the unit to perform this task because we do not have a lift. As the engine spins there are copper windings or magnets that create electricity and send it back to the battery. When these magnets get worn, they do not send a charge. The great news is we remain dedicated to the mission of presenting two golf courses to the best our ability with the resources available! 

Irrigation repairs, mulch, cooler weather, equipment repair, thanks Syngenta, Sloma, and Schaner! 

We continue to work with 2 pumps for two courses and one benefit of this is the utility bill is reduced significantly. We will need to plan to get all four major pumps overhauled and repaired next year. The other columns will not last much longer. The field repairs continue as we switch out solenoids and level heads. Thanks Mark Novotny for the tip Wednesday on tightening up the multitude of common wires! It worked.  

Jim was able to rebuild Mrs. Graves riding mower this week! Travis & Nancy mowed Ray’s and Mrs. Graves lawn as well as the club house.   

 We lost four more college students this week so keeping up with the details will become more challenging. However we were able to spray and begin mulching the HOA or area which should be an HOA to the entrance off of the other state highway on Players. 

We are still under coverage with our disease applications and nutrient management applications.  I have added a buffer to the water to prolong the efficacy and ergonomic output of the products we are utilizing. We still remain well under the national average for 36 holes on expenses in this category.  

Thank you Residex, Syngenta, Nick McAdow from Upper Landsdowne for hosting the information meeting Thursday. Course was in great shape Nick. Great to see George from Raintree South. George and I worked together at New Albany CC over two decades ago. Enjoyed catching up. And Schaner thank you for the Slab of cow! Your are the best traveling steak griller in the country! We should talk about expanding your operation to some Central Ohio meetings! I’d post a photo of the beef but with all the regulations coming at us it may have been too big of a piece of steak, and we ate it all! As you may see below! 

  Nick had a little Florida flavor here with a certain kind of Palm! Great to have Jim Turner fly up from Florida to speak about water quality and Ph.  

I got to play a few holes of golf with one of my agronomy members Wednesday. Fred is 77 and can stripe rough with the best but I was most impressed with his fishing ability and casting. It came down to the wire and he won by 2 shots.  


1.1″ of Rain on Players & Halfway House .7″ at Shop Monday! Putting Courses Back together today. 

We had almost 1/2″ variance of rain Monday on the property both courses have fairways open to carts. Elias Conkel installed a drain on 16 Players on his last day yesterday before he goes to Ohio Northern for football and school. Jim is back working on replacing a rear ball joint and a hydraulic hose on the left deck on the 2011 4000D Groundsmaster. We are spraying greens today with Secure, 18-3-6, Iron, and Primo.