Course Update June 19, 2015 

Proverbs 10:12

Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses. 

Please continue to pray for our friends and family in Charleston, SC.  The state and town suffered a horrible tragedy this week! 

As of this afternoon we have had over 3″ of rain this week and are expecting more tomorrow from the hurricane out of the gulf.  Fred I know y’all have had enough rain in Houston, but thank you for the heads up that it’s heading my way!   Thank you Bill Kennedy, CGCS President of the Carolinas Golf Course Superintendents Association for your accommodations and advice this week. 

 Our pump on the greens sprayer went down this week but a replacement arrived today and Jim will have it installed tomorrow. Fortunately, the Pythium weather broke from Monday & Tuesday and our last fungicide application on greens has carried us through! We started leveling heads this week and Travis leveled the head on the new approach on 15 Players and coincidentally the irrigation line blew out 20 feet away.  We spot sprayed the crabgrass on the collars next to the greens where we did not get the pre-emergent applied to keep it off of the greens. It was recommended not to spray the greens with the pre-emergent and with the resources available we got as close as we could with out getting on the greens, ergo we had some Digitari (crabgrass) break through but it has been sprayed  this week in between rain showers. As well as the bunker faces on Foxfire!  
Our fairway blower went down this week too we need a new head gasket, but a pull behind utility blower would be beneficial for more ergonomic out put.    


Irrigation Repair #15 Players  



  This is an area that had been added on to the original irrigation system or improperly repaired at an earlier date!  The fittings that were used had rock and cinder blocks piled in the old hole. The new repair was made correctly but the irrigation line has too much flex in it and may need repaired in five years from now with a trencher, sod cutter and new pvc pipe.  Furthermore, lightning and ants took out the satellite box on this hole as well, ergo there were a multitude of opportunities to train our new Assistant Golf Course Superintendent! Approximately, $1,800 worth of electronic out put boards and the main rdr receiver that does the communication was inoperable. Fortunately, we had a spare rdr board and spare out put boards as well. We still have nine solenoids to repair from last summers irrigation upgrade and this head on fifteen in the approach was the first. The irrigation control box below! Once the ants have been eradicated completely and the Ohms regulator tests are complete we will add the replacement electronics.  


The puzzle solving issue is to return the box to its original state in which is was intended to operated under the software from the computer at the shop. These wires were switched around in various ports for various inconclusive reasoning by a prior Superintendent!  To top our week off we had the main hydraulic line on the 2011 4000D blow out today on 13 Players so we currently do not have a rough unit, but the good news is my contact who is the President of the International  Equipment Managers Association helped us locate the by pass valve so we could safely transport the unit back to the shop so Jim can add that to his list of repairs along with the three tri plex units that failed us this week.  


The great news is that even with all the rain and issues the courses look the best that they have in several years. The current Agronomic program we are utilizing is aiding in this effort.  We began tri plexing Players fairways today since they have not been mown this week and pumped out as many bunkers as possible given the resources available before the afternoon rain today.  


More photos above of weed control and the standing water on two Foxfire is a combination of infiltration and percolation deficiencies.  The infiltration issue will be solved when we verticut and topsress. The percolation issue will only be solved by rebuilding greens or utilizing sonar technology to find the broken drain tile. For greens that are forty years old the percolation issue is somewhat insignificant but just a side note of a reminder between the variance of the two terms.  



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