Courses are Glowing & Growing Baby Deer & Irrigation.

Both courses are detailed for the weekend and our recent nutrient application have the fairways and greens in great shape. I plan to verticut next week lightly.  We can not go as deep as I want to right now because we do not have the resources to clean up the chafe. Verticutting and top dressing will increase the ball speed and trueness of the ball roll. 


Great meeting with Harrell’s at Heritage Golf Club yesterday! Eric the course was in excellent shape. Thank you all!  




 Those photos above are from Heitage Golf Club in Hillard, Ohio a Pete Dye! Brad Barr won some money!! 

We string trimmed the lot in downtown Commercial Point this week and found two baby deer. I’m glad we did not bush hog the lot!   


We are still operating on two pumps for 36 holes and alternating schedules but this week we had a sprinkler head stick on and flooded a bunker and a clogged fairway drain on #5 Players 


It was 49 Monday Morning and the high today was 80!! Great weather now but dry! We brought all the walk mowers to the main shop so we can start going through them and utilizing them in some capacity. 

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