Luke 8:15As for that in the good soil, they are those who, hearing the word, hold it fast in an honest and good heart, and bear fruit with patience.

Leak on #13 Players is repaired and the irrigation box with out power on #10 Foxfire is complete! Thank you Joel Braun from Technical Choice Llc, for the speedy response time and repair to the broken wire on the foxfire course. I was surprised to see it went through dump area since the map is completely opposite. Thank you Vince from Mid Ohio Electric for assessing the Players Course Pump Station, I will keep you updated on future faults and trips on the breaker panel.  Thank you to the staff for their diligent work on traps, roughs, fairways and details. Luis string trimmed the creeks, and Brandon & TJ worked in the Bunkers all week. Nick was placed back in the starting lineup after a week long suspension for violating team rules and was able to weedeate all the fence posts on the courses. Also we were able to pick up a nice used grinder for our equipment manager! A brand new one from Berhard would have costs 60K and I verified that price through the local distributor John Deere. I will work on pricing a modified lease with them to coordinate fairway mowers since our only one in operation went down this afternoon. The good news is we have 2 greens mowers one tee mower, and two rough units, along with a sidewinder. A decision will need to be made soon on repairing or aquiring additional utility vehicles because we only have 5 to date. However, the shops are organized and clean we just need to decide on the non functioning mowers in which there are about ten. I will see what value they have if any on a trade in. I do not want to scrap them of yet because the scrap metal market is down from ten cents to 3.5 cents per pound. Thank you all again for your input and suggestions and. Mr. Billy Brooks for watching the auction on the reel grinder. Properly ground sharp mowers will decrease future costs with regards to plant protection chemistry applications because the turf will be healthier. As always it is a pleasure to serve you! Keep praying God is doing great things at Foxfire!  


Breaker tripped on Plc control panel in Players pump house and a burried quick couple had a pin hole leak on. #13 Players tee. 


The inside of the shop looks the best since my arrival.  We remain focused on the resources we have instead of what we don’t have! God is providing! Mike earned extra credit so I allowed him to haul a load of aluminum after work. With the increased play we have accumulated more trash and cans. Aluminum is slightly up today so Mike went fishing .  






Thank you Joel for squeezing me in last night and Mark Novotny CGCS my hero and mentor for allowing me to use your equipment on such short notice. 


Jim installed his new shelves today and we have created more room in both bays  to park our assets. We are not finished there is an entire corner left to go through. 


Birds nesting on 3 Players!


Inspecting what we expect! TJ and Brandon have done an excellent job taking ownership! 

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