Proverbs 3:5Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.

Quick update: Mr. Graves has completed the malnutrition application for the dandelions on Foxfire And I am already noticing some epinastical decline in the plant which is good. The pre-emergent for the crabgrass will be applied on the Players Course Friday or next week. Fortunately, we still have a good window of opportunity with the product selected. We hired a couple of new employees with experience and that includes an IPM manager or Integreted Pest Managemet Expert. This is another positive step in building a solid team. Our new Assistant Travis graduates this weekend and will start next Wednesday! I will have updated photos later of the chemical room and South Barn organization. To date the south shop is housing all the mowers that currently operate or were operating a few weeks ago. We currently have one tee mower, one rough mower, the trim rough unit (sidewinder) and the grounds master for the wood lines. Jim the new Equipment Manager has been able to restore both greens mower triplexes and has been diligently working on putting together at least one fairway unit that operates and the older 4000d that the head was replaced.  Brad and I pressured up the Players Golf Course yesterday and had a great cycle run last night on the entire course. However, the pump station failed this morning during my inspection and I have contacted Vince with Mid-Ohio Electric to assist in bringing the station back up. Joel Braun is arriving tomorrow afternoon to trouble shoot the box on Foxire #12. We pressured the Foxfire  station last week on one pump and just have one satellite with no power. It controls 27.5% of the foxfire course on holes 10 thru 13 so they have not watered yet on greens and tees. Luis will work on repairing the leak on #13 Players Tee tomorrow in the morning. Our new retired rough mower has stepped right in and done an excellent job on the sidewinder. These issues are common for courses with this age. I fully expect to have them resolved by Monday at the latest. The great news is the greens have been fed and treated with a mycelium preventer and we will continue to scout the fairways for the upcoming dollar spot. I spent a good deal of time today visiting another course to inquire about acquiring their grinder for sharpening reels. The bunker work has been continual but mostly with 2 people. I am reviewing applications looking for the right choices due to the talent pool! I’d rather have the right people on the team than just a body. We ordered new cups and flags, however there was an issue with the mold or casting on the new cups, and I held off on putting those out last weekend due to the right fit on the ferrule of the new flag poles. Jerry in San Diego is sending new cups at no charge and a label to return the other ones. The inside diameter of the new cup is a few millimeters narrower than the ones we ordered last year. The only thing I can say is that they were made in China on an assembly line and most likely they had a bad run at the mill.  Luis below  finishing  Rays Creek. 


  sunrise today #6 Players
Training for Chuck the grounds master operator has been completed with ref paint since we don’t have access to internet mapping red paint has been added to assist in areas with arrows.  

    Bubble #13 Players Championship Tee.  



Head stuck on #15 Players! All in all  I  am pleased with the progress and  not surprised with the reparable issues. The Players Club irrigation pump station is a quarter of a century old! See you on the course. As always it is a pleasure to serve! 

3 thoughts on “Proverbs 3:5Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.

  1. Hi Darden, Thanks for the scripture…I have this one underlined in my Bible! It’s what we ALL should do, and watch Him work!

    I am sorry I haven’t reached back to you. Please do call me again this week when you have a min so we may continue our discussion. Good day! Thanks, Alex


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