Course Update May 30, 2015

The Players Course and Foxfire Course are continuing to improve. We looked absolutely amazing for the Channel Six TV shoot yesterday in accordance with our resources available. Hopefully, we can get a utility pull behind turbine blower or fix a tractor to operate our 1984 PTO Toro! We are currently working with one pump out of each pump house! This means I reprogrammed the entire Site Pro hydraulic links to regulate flow. This is a simple comprehension of Blaise Pascal’s law of physics, which states: Pascal’s law or the principle of transmission of fluid-pressure (also Pascal’s Principle) is a principle in fluid mechanics that states that pressure exerted anywhere in a confined incompressible fluid is transmitted equally in all directions throughout the fluid such that the pressure variations (initial differences) remain the same.bThe law was established by French mathematician Blaise Pascal.  This means that there may be a few dry spots in some fairways due to the inability to create enough pressure given the Horse Power available to fill the pipes even with software reprogramming! We have to Pray for rain and fix the other pumps!  Also, Jim is  attempting to grind fairway reels in between repairs. Luis has helped Jim in the shop this week repair numerous items of equipment to help catch up. We had a greens mower, grounds master, and the zero turn mower all go out this week, and two of our four utility carts. The staff has slowly increased to twenty members for 36 holes which remains well below the national average, but we are selecting one right team member at a time and the ergonomic out put has steadily increased compared to last year. Remember this is a five year plan to incorporate improvements over the entire property. We are in year two! All the bunker faces have been treated with a selective nutrient product to create a mono stand of the turf we desire. In layman’s terms the weeds have been sprayed and results are noticed. We will continue this process in between regular scheduled applications of disease prevention on greens tees, and fairways. A wetting agent was applied to the greens this week along with a fulvic acid and some sugar! Salesman always ask where do you get the sugar? My answer is always from the Kitchen! Which comes from GFS or someplace like that!  



New Fly mowers from Muirfield and Luis repairing Tires, and helped Jim repair carts and mowers.  




Training staff how to tri plex fairways. Broken Collumn below in Players pump house that needs replacing.  


Watering in wetting agent on greens Thursday! 



Hydraulic leak on 6700 D no damaged turf only clover. Jim repaired in field and Brad noticed the leak immediately and followed the standard operating procedures. # 15 Foxfire Below.  


The Daily Hope 

Better Together
 By Rick Warren — May 30, 2015

“Many people claim to be loyal, but it is hard to find a trustworthy person.” (Proverbs 20:6 NCV)
Trust is the emotional glue that draws you closer to your friends, your family, and your small group. Without trust, you’re never going to have the intimate relationship that God wants you to have. Teamwork without trust is impossible.
Proverbs 20:6 says, “Many people claim to be loyal, but it is hard to find a trustworthy person” (NCV). That was written thousands of years ago, and yet we have the same dilemma today: Who do you trust? How do you find a trustworthy person? More importantly, how do you become a trustworthy person so that people trust you?
You earn people’s trust by being consistent. The Bible says in Luke 16:10, “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much” (NIV). Today everybody wants to serve God in the obvious and showy ways. But God says you build trust by being faithful in little things. Even when no one is watching you, God is. He sees what you’re doing. And he says that if you’re faithful in little things, he will give you greater and greater responsibility.

You earn people’s trust by being confidential. People trust you when you can keep a secret. One of the rules for our small groups at Saddleback Church is that what is said in the group stays in the group. Your group trusts you to keep private whatever they share. Proverbs 11:13 says, “A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy person keeps a secret.”

You earn people’s trust by being close. You have to spend time with people in order to earn their trust. The Bible says, “Friends love through all kinds of weather, and families stick together in all kinds of trouble” (Proverbs 17:17 MSG). That implies proximity. Distance creates distrust. You don’t trust people you don’t know! So if you want people to trust you, you’ve got to spend time with them. Time creates trust.
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We all have a longing for belonging! In fact, many of the purposes God has for your life can only be fulfilled if you work together with other Christians. This is why Pastor Rick wants to help you develop deeper, more meaningful relationships and the reason he created the 40 Days of Community Devotional Book. If you devote just a few moments a day, this book will take you on a transformational 40 day journey that will help you take your relationships to the next level and enable you to fulfill all of God’s purposes for your life.

This devotional is based on the current Daily Hope radio series at 
Rick Warren has helped people live with hope and on purpose for more than 40 years. He’s the founding pastor of Saddleback Church in Southern California and author of several books, including “The Purpose Driven Church” and “The Purpose Driven Life,” read by more than 100 million people in 137 languages. He created the PEACE Plan (plant churches of reconciliation, equip servant leaders, assist the poor, care for the sick, educate the next generation), which is used by churches in 196 countries. His radio teaching and daily devotional, Daily Hope, is offered across America. 
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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Be humble and give more honor to others than to yourselves.” (Philippians 2:3b NCV)

Thank you Colonel Curtis Petrek you are my modern day hero! Colonel retired from the U.S. Airforce and served during the first part of the century when we were under attack. He’s only about fifty and runs marathons and I heard he can do this in his bare feet with no shoes! But he still works today and is in my Sunday school class! I recently met Sargeant Deatley who is serving at Guantanamo Bay in the U.S. Army through some travels. Thank you to my family members who served and all who serve today! Your service affords us the opportunity to display our flag and work on golf courses in a free country! This flags for you Colonel! And a gorgeous sunrise this morning.  

Both Golf Courses are shaping up nice for the weekend and all the pin locations are set for the weekend on the Players Course. Jim got our new grinder in place! Thank you Ray Graves for helping us and the use of your truck. Great job this week to all the staff for your extra efforts in working on the details! The triplex mowers worked well on the Players Course for mowing fairways, but will be excited to get some reel grinding started and attempting to get the bigger units back out. I may even get the walk mowers out as the staff increases to about 14 people for 36 holes!  I walked the Players Course this morning and caught up with Dr. Ritchlin to watch his amazing birdie out on #11! It was 60 feet. What a beautiful day for walking the course. It is 6.37 miles from the shop all the way around Players tee to green! 

 Thank you Paula for Black Topping the entrance to the shop!  


Ray thanks again for helping spot treat the traps in the evening and for hauling the grinder and range machine to the shop.  



cotton wood blooms falling now in Ohio. 





5 Players & 6 below

                Mowing out the rough beside 9 green Players and then we will cut the left area down to approach height as soon as we get a mower with enough power and sharp reels we will create more shorter cut turf around the greens to increase playability. 

14 Players    

15 Players The walk is starting to set in.        

Stripes are right! 


18 Players  

5-17-15 Tick Talk Continued…

Mark Novotny CGCS

The word on the street is ticks are bad all over Ohio this year.  I’m really not sure what ‘word on the street’ means I guess it is the current scuttlebutt.

Ohio’s outdoors folks reporting an explosion of ticks in Buckeye woods and fields this spring.

How to remove a tick and products that can help you do it.

So I have embarked on a new adventure to reduce the chances of contact by adding an insecticide to my weed control while I am applying to the natural grass.  I have currently applied to 33 acres on the front-9 and have an estimated 16 acres to go.  (The natural areas have never been accurately measured.)  Then I go off to the back-9.

As you can see we have already started to trim the natural on the back so I can spray for weeds and keep the critters at bay.  This…

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May 18, 2015 Course Update


Luke 21:19 By your endurance you will gain your lives!

We have gotten the pre-emergent applied to the Players Course fairways, tees, and one pass around the roughs for crab grass.  We were also able to get all the greens treated for dollar spot prevention as well as the Players Course fairways and tee tops.  Bunker progress continues with a few of the staff members including your new Assistant Superintendent Travis Russell.  Travis knows how I want the bunkers and has done an excellent job.  However, we still have 80 bunkers to maintain and the rain is beneficial but but creates continual work in the bunkers.  Jim has the older rough mower repaired by rebuilding the axle instead of purchasing a brand new one.  We are waiting on a rear clutch arm assembly from John Deere for the bunker machine.  This is a wearing moveable part. We acquired the machine last summer and it was new to Foxfire but used and these parts wear from normal use.  We are looking forward to obtaining the grinder which will allow us to begin sharpening fairway reels, and eventually other reels as we catch up.  This is very time-consuming and may take up to a month to complete one mower.  Each reel must be completely disassembled and most likely new bearings, seals, racers, bushings, and rollers could need replaced.  We will not know this until the units are completely disassembled.  The photo shoot for the TV ad on Players went well last week and I feel the courses looked as good as possible for the resources available.  Thank you Mike Sloma, and Jim Dillard for the products.

IMG_5725TV Shoot for the Out and about Columbus. IMG_5724 IMG_5723 IMG_5722 IMG_5721 IMG_5720 IMG_5719 IMG_5718 IMG_5727 IMG_5726 IMG_5724 IMG_5723 IMG_5722 IMG_5721 IMG_5720

IMG_5734 IMG_5733 IMG_5732 IMG_5731The wheels fall off the wagon sometimes! IMG_5730 IMG_5728The ultimate goal! Ducks in a row make it look easy! IMG_5746 IMG_5745 IMG_5744 IMG_5743 Handwork in bunkers on Foxfire before last weeks outings.

And when the wheels fall off the wagon to haul the wagon with out the wheel it turns in to an official project which permits me extra time to pray for endurance! IMG_5741 IMG_5738 This is the area where the newer grinder will be located.  IMG_5736

Handwatering will continue but I need to buy two more hoses and nozzles. IMG_5734IMG_5767 IMG_5766 IMG_5765 IMG_5764 IMG_5763 IMG_5762

Foxfire Course preparation for last weeks tournaments.


Travis working with TJ on picking rocks and weeds from traps. IMG_5768 IMG_5767 IMG_5766 IMG_5765

IMG_5779 IMG_5777 IMG_5771 IMG_5770 IMG_5780

It’s always a pleasure to see Dr. out walking during the week.


Luke 8:15As for that in the good soil, they are those who, hearing the word, hold it fast in an honest and good heart, and bear fruit with patience.

Leak on #13 Players is repaired and the irrigation box with out power on #10 Foxfire is complete! Thank you Joel Braun from Technical Choice Llc, for the speedy response time and repair to the broken wire on the foxfire course. I was surprised to see it went through dump area since the map is completely opposite. Thank you Vince from Mid Ohio Electric for assessing the Players Course Pump Station, I will keep you updated on future faults and trips on the breaker panel.  Thank you to the staff for their diligent work on traps, roughs, fairways and details. Luis string trimmed the creeks, and Brandon & TJ worked in the Bunkers all week. Nick was placed back in the starting lineup after a week long suspension for violating team rules and was able to weedeate all the fence posts on the courses. Also we were able to pick up a nice used grinder for our equipment manager! A brand new one from Berhard would have costs 60K and I verified that price through the local distributor John Deere. I will work on pricing a modified lease with them to coordinate fairway mowers since our only one in operation went down this afternoon. The good news is we have 2 greens mowers one tee mower, and two rough units, along with a sidewinder. A decision will need to be made soon on repairing or aquiring additional utility vehicles because we only have 5 to date. However, the shops are organized and clean we just need to decide on the non functioning mowers in which there are about ten. I will see what value they have if any on a trade in. I do not want to scrap them of yet because the scrap metal market is down from ten cents to 3.5 cents per pound. Thank you all again for your input and suggestions and. Mr. Billy Brooks for watching the auction on the reel grinder. Properly ground sharp mowers will decrease future costs with regards to plant protection chemistry applications because the turf will be healthier. As always it is a pleasure to serve you! Keep praying God is doing great things at Foxfire!  


Breaker tripped on Plc control panel in Players pump house and a burried quick couple had a pin hole leak on. #13 Players tee. 


The inside of the shop looks the best since my arrival.  We remain focused on the resources we have instead of what we don’t have! God is providing! Mike earned extra credit so I allowed him to haul a load of aluminum after work. With the increased play we have accumulated more trash and cans. Aluminum is slightly up today so Mike went fishing .  






Thank you Joel for squeezing me in last night and Mark Novotny CGCS my hero and mentor for allowing me to use your equipment on such short notice. 


Jim installed his new shelves today and we have created more room in both bays  to park our assets. We are not finished there is an entire corner left to go through. 


Birds nesting on 3 Players!


Inspecting what we expect! TJ and Brandon have done an excellent job taking ownership! 

Proverbs 3:5Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.

Quick update: Mr. Graves has completed the malnutrition application for the dandelions on Foxfire And I am already noticing some epinastical decline in the plant which is good. The pre-emergent for the crabgrass will be applied on the Players Course Friday or next week. Fortunately, we still have a good window of opportunity with the product selected. We hired a couple of new employees with experience and that includes an IPM manager or Integreted Pest Managemet Expert. This is another positive step in building a solid team. Our new Assistant Travis graduates this weekend and will start next Wednesday! I will have updated photos later of the chemical room and South Barn organization. To date the south shop is housing all the mowers that currently operate or were operating a few weeks ago. We currently have one tee mower, one rough mower, the trim rough unit (sidewinder) and the grounds master for the wood lines. Jim the new Equipment Manager has been able to restore both greens mower triplexes and has been diligently working on putting together at least one fairway unit that operates and the older 4000d that the head was replaced.  Brad and I pressured up the Players Golf Course yesterday and had a great cycle run last night on the entire course. However, the pump station failed this morning during my inspection and I have contacted Vince with Mid-Ohio Electric to assist in bringing the station back up. Joel Braun is arriving tomorrow afternoon to trouble shoot the box on Foxire #12. We pressured the Foxfire  station last week on one pump and just have one satellite with no power. It controls 27.5% of the foxfire course on holes 10 thru 13 so they have not watered yet on greens and tees. Luis will work on repairing the leak on #13 Players Tee tomorrow in the morning. Our new retired rough mower has stepped right in and done an excellent job on the sidewinder. These issues are common for courses with this age. I fully expect to have them resolved by Monday at the latest. The great news is the greens have been fed and treated with a mycelium preventer and we will continue to scout the fairways for the upcoming dollar spot. I spent a good deal of time today visiting another course to inquire about acquiring their grinder for sharpening reels. The bunker work has been continual but mostly with 2 people. I am reviewing applications looking for the right choices due to the talent pool! I’d rather have the right people on the team than just a body. We ordered new cups and flags, however there was an issue with the mold or casting on the new cups, and I held off on putting those out last weekend due to the right fit on the ferrule of the new flag poles. Jerry in San Diego is sending new cups at no charge and a label to return the other ones. The inside diameter of the new cup is a few millimeters narrower than the ones we ordered last year. The only thing I can say is that they were made in China on an assembly line and most likely they had a bad run at the mill.  Luis below  finishing  Rays Creek. 


  sunrise today #6 Players
Training for Chuck the grounds master operator has been completed with ref paint since we don’t have access to internet mapping red paint has been added to assist in areas with arrows.  

    Bubble #13 Players Championship Tee.  



Head stuck on #15 Players! All in all  I  am pleased with the progress and  not surprised with the reparable issues. The Players Club irrigation pump station is a quarter of a century old! See you on the course. As always it is a pleasure to serve! 

May Day 1 and 2 Great for Golfing!

Psalms 31:19

Oh, how abundant is your goodness, which you have stored up for those who fear you and worked for those who take refuge in you, in the sight of the children of mankind!
Thank you Agronomy Team for a great week and owners for all your volunteer help! Both courses are looking great this weekend! Mr. Graves thank you for mowing rough! The Crabapples are blooming along with the Tulips, and other trees. 

Foxfire Lane Popping! Crabapples are blooming!  


       New Cups, Flags, and Poles!


Fresh Mulch at Clubhouse and Saturday Sunrise!