Proverbs 27:17Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.

Mark Novotny, number one! Thank you very much sir for the use if your grinder! And thank you for the educational update on the internet with the planimeter, and the degree day update. Very useful tools to have! I can say everytime I see you I learn something. It hasn’t been often but over the last twenty years weather here there or across the country you have been educating! Thank you!  


First Cut on Foxfire Greens!

Psalms 72:6 May he be like rain that falls on the mown grass, like showers that water the earth!  I have mown All 39 greens as of Friday afternoon, and the rain total on Friday was .15″ I will begin mowing the tees, collars, and approaches next week. Today I will try and blow debris off those surfaces to prepare for mowing! Remember fourteen days ago we still had ten inches of ice and snow and the high that day was  3 degrees! It will take more time to green up completely! 




Spring today, Light rain, Mowing Continues!

Proverbs 27:25 When the grass is gone and the new growth appears and the vegetation of the mountains is gathered,

Mowed Players Yesterday and I will update after Foxfire is mowed today!  


Sunday Cart Path Only Players Club & Walkers on Foxfire. 

The rain ended Saturday around noon totaling one inch with in 18 hours and three plus for the week coupled with a 10″ snowmelt left the courses closed Saturday but we will reopen Sunday! 

With regards to the current rain and snow melt I consulted my Agronomic handbook and God explains the positive outlook which will be sprouting grass soon! It may be a minor inconvenience now for golfer’s but Sunday and Monday will bring excellent weather! 

Isaiah 45:8

“Shower, O heavens, from above, and let the clouds rain down righteousness; let the earth open, that salvation and righteousness may bear fruit; let the earth cause them both to sprout; I the LORD have created it.

As of Saturday we had over 3″ of rain this past week along with 10″ of snow melt and the courses are at Field Capacity as Ray’s Creek moves the water South! It’s is at the top of it’s banks and may rise slightly more before it drops down! See photos below!