Players Course Photos & Full Moon

#8 Players

IMG_8564 IMG_8566 IMG_8565

#9 Players & 10

IMG_8569 IMG_8573 IMG_8572 IMG_8570 IMG_8571 IMG_8569 IMG_8570

#11,12 13IMG_8573 IMG_8580 IMG_8582 IMG_8581 IMG_8580 IMG_8578 IMG_8577 IMG_8579 IMG_8578 IMG_8576 IMG_8577 IMG_8575 IMG_8574 IMG_8576 IMG_8573 IMG_8575 IMG_8574 IMG_8572

#14, 15, 16

IMG_8583 IMG_8586 IMG_8585 IMG_8587 IMG_8584 IMG_8586 IMG_8585 IMG_8583 IMG_8584 IMG_8582 IMG_8581IMG_8587 IMG_8589IMG_8590 IMG_8591 IMG_8589

#17 & 18

IMG_8593 IMG_8599 IMG_8598 IMG_8597 IMG_8596 IMG_8595 IMG_8594Blue Herron on 6 Players at Sunrise!

IMG_8533 IMG_8539 IMG_8538 IMG_8537 IMG_8536 IMG_8534

Moon over the quarry in Galena!

IMG_8600 IMG_8617 IMG_8616 IMG_8615 IMG_8614 IMG_8613 IMG_8612 IMG_8611 IMG_8610 IMG_8609 IMG_8608 IMG_8607 IMG_8606 IMG_8605 IMG_8603 IMG_8602 IMG_8601

Deere running across #3 Players!


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